Daily Life

A New Adventure

Hello dear readers!  Since I love to write, but also want to extend – so not just write about films – I decided to create a new blog and an entire new website! This new adventure is also because of my new freelance job! Only today I was busy writing my first article for a… Continue reading A New Adventure

Series Review

Review | 13 Reasons Why – Season 1

Netflix  series 13 Reasons Why is a series every teenager should watch. It shows all kind of events that can make a girl decide to commit suicide. The lead character in this series is Hannah, who encounters many dramatic events which makes her decide she does not want to continue life. It is not that… Continue reading Review | 13 Reasons Why – Season 1

Daily Life

The Struggles of December

It is that time of year: cold, dark and sometimes even snowy days combined with the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s Eve struggles. I have already encountered a few of these struggles only in the past week. Do you recognize this as well? For me it started last Monday, the 11th of December. Snow was… Continue reading The Struggles of December

Daily Life

Train Life: Standing in second class or sitting in first class?

For my work I have to travel every day from my hometown Hoorn to Amsterdam. It’s not that very long, but it can be quite exhausting. Everyday I am taking the train for a 30 minute ride and on top of that I need a metro from the train station to work. Is that all?… Continue reading Train Life: Standing in second class or sitting in first class?

film review

Review | Fifty Shades Darker – 2017

After Anastasia ended her relationship with Christian Grey, it doesn’t take long before the two meet again and realize they can’t live without each other. This time it has to be different though. Christian promises to deal with his personal problems and Anastasia tries to be more open towards Christian’s ideas about sex. Everything seems… Continue reading Review | Fifty Shades Darker – 2017

Daily Life

Moving out!

It has been a while since I wrote something for my blog, but I have a very valid excuse! After 28 years, I finally moved out! Yes I know, I still lived with my parents and brother. It never was the time for me to find something for my own, without a job to support… Continue reading Moving out!


14 films to inspire you to travel

There are a lot of reason for us people to start travelling. Some just love the lay down and relax on the beach, with the hot sun burning on their skin. Other are more active and seek some adventure while making a city trip or planning a tour in a country, like a road trip.… Continue reading 14 films to inspire you to travel

Film Trailers

Film Premiers – September 2017

Which new films do I recommend to see in cinema in September? Check out these trailers of my top favorite films for this month! And let me know your favourites 🙂 The Beguiled – 7 September IT – 7 September Maudie – 14 September American Assassin – 21 September Kingsman: The Golden Circle – 21… Continue reading Film Premiers – September 2017