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Facebook Page: Evy Writes

Dear followers! Since I really enjoy keeping this blog as up-to-date as possible and write a lot of film related articles, I decided to make a Facebook page as well! I would love of you all would also like my page – which you can find here: Evy Writes. On my Facebook page you will find all the… Continue reading Facebook Page: Evy Writes


Blu-Ray | Trolls – 2016

In Dreamworks’ Trolls, the colourfull trolls live a happy and swinging life. But 20 years ago they had escape from the mean and unhappy Bergens. They believe only a troll in their belly will make them happy. But when one Bergen invades Troll Village, Poppy, the happiest Troll ever born, and the curmudgeonly Branch set off on… Continue reading Blu-Ray | Trolls – 2016

Daily Life

2 Month Work Anniversary

Dear readers and fellow film fans! I know I haven’t post many articles the last few months. That is because after quite some time I finally found myself a real job! I started working on November 14th, so this week I had my two month work anniversary! 🙂 When I was in highschool I already… Continue reading 2 Month Work Anniversary


Top 10 films of 2017

We are two weeks into the new year of 2017! Which means a lot new interesting films! Just like every other film fan, I have a few films on my watch list I can not wait to see in cinemas. Therefore I thought it would be nice to share my top 10 list of what… Continue reading Top 10 films of 2017


DVD | Follow the Money – Season 2

Since the end of the first season of Scandinavian series Follow the Money, 18 months have passed. Claudio Moreno is released from prison and her one single goal is to thwart Energreen’s old chairman, Mr. Christensen. He is the one who is behind the big fraud and has big plans for his bank Nova Bank. Inspectors… Continue reading DVD | Follow the Money – Season 2

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The Girl on the Train – 2016

Rachel seemed to have a good life. She was married to Tom, had a nice job and a beautiful home. The only thing she missed in her marriage was a baby. But unfortunately Rachel didn’t get pregnant which made her very sad. She started to drink and Tom started an affair. Tom’s affair became an… Continue reading The Girl on the Train – 2016


Blu-Ray | The Secret Life of Pets – 2016

In The Secret Life of Pets, Max is a happy dog. He talks with fellow pets while he waits for his owner Katie to return. But the quiet life of the terrier is upended when Katie takes in Duke, a stray dog whom Max instantly dislikes. But during one hell of an adventure they need each… Continue reading Blu-Ray | The Secret Life of Pets – 2016


DVD | Victor Frankenstein – 2015

When scientist Victor Frankenstein meets a nameless circus artist who is just as fascinated by the human body as he is, he takes him. Victor calls him Igor and together they are planning to make history. From dead (animal) body parts creating a complete new living creature. What starts as a noble cause to create immortality,… Continue reading DVD | Victor Frankenstein – 2015