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Review | Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl – 2003

The fifth part of the pirates series, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (also known as Salazar’s Revenge) will premiere this month! Time to re-watch the first part, The Curse of the Black Pearl! Captain Jack Sparrow is looking for a ship, and not just any ship. He wants the fastest ship in… Continue reading Review | Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl – 2003

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Review | Why Him – 2016

Little girls grow up. That’s what father Ned Fleming has to deal with. On his fiftieth birthday Ned is confronted with the boyfriend of his daughter Stephanie for the first time. However, this Laird leaves nothing but a good impression. Stephanie invites her parents and brother to spend the Christmas holidays in sunny California, with… Continue reading Review | Why Him – 2016

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Review | Inferno – 2016

When professor Robert Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital in Florence with a mysterious head wound, he doesn’t have any idea how he got there. Langdon suffers from amnesia and in the mean time he has to dodge bullets from an Italian police officer as well. Fortunately doctor Sienna Brooks is Robert’s hand in… Continue reading Review | Inferno – 2016

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Review | Midnight Sun – Season 1

After a murder is committed in the far north of Sweden, the French detective Kahina Zadi is called in to solve the case with the Swedish police. The murder on the French citizen appears to be the beginning of a series related murders. The Swedish population the Sami, seems to know more about it. Or is it… Continue reading Review | Midnight Sun – Season 1

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Review | Victor Frankenstein – 2015

From Igor’s point of view he tells the story of Victor Frankenstein. Igor is a young man with a distortion who crosses paths with Frankenstein, where the latter is visiting the London circus. Medical student Victor takes Igor, who is just as intrigued with anatomy as Victor, under his wing and together they form a… Continue reading Review | Victor Frankenstein – 2015

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Review | West Side Story – 1961

Stories based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet are timeless. Just like those about rivalry between communities. In the 1961 film West Side Story two gangs are fighting each other to gain control over the streets in New York; a New York group and a group of boys of Puerto Rican descent. When Tony form New… Continue reading Review | West Side Story – 1961

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Review | The Secret Life of Pets – 2016

Always wanted to know what your pets are doing after you’ve left the house? The secret Life of Pets shows exactly that! In particular we learn about the life of Max, Katie’s dog. Max really enjoys his life as a ‘single’ pet. The best moment of the day is therefore when Katie returns home after… Continue reading Review | The Secret Life of Pets – 2016