Blu-Ray | Beauty and the Beast – 2017

Disney’s live-action version of  Beauty and the Beast re-tells the story of the small town girl, Belle, who goes on a quest to find her father. She finds him in a gigantic castle whereof the master is a Prince turned into a beast. The only way for the Beast, and his servants, to become human again is… Continue reading Blu-Ray | Beauty and the Beast – 2017


Blu-Ray | Cinderella – 2015

Disney’s live-action version of Cinderella re-tells the story of Ella, a young girl who used to live with her parents in a lovely mansion. However, after the death of her mother and her father later, she is forced to share her family house with her stepmother and stepsister. Ella is misused by her new family and is… Continue reading Blu-Ray | Cinderella – 2015

film review

Review | 47 Meters Down – 2017

Lisa is suffering from a break-up, but luckily her sister Kate is here to cheer her up. When the two sisters are on a holiday in Mexico, Kate convinces Lisa to dive with sharks. And not just any shark, but with the great white shark. After the moment they decide to go in the cage,… Continue reading Review | 47 Meters Down – 2017

film review

Review | The Fault in our Stars – 2014

Every since this film came out I wanted to see it. I know there is a book as well written by John  Green, whereof this film is based on, but I’m not a very quick reader. Last night the film was on and I really liked it. It tells the story about two young persons… Continue reading Review | The Fault in our Stars – 2014

Series Review

Review | 13 Reasons Why – Season 1

Netflix  series 13 Reasons Why is a series every teenager should watch. It shows all kind of events that can make a girl decide to commit suicide. The lead character in this series is Hannah, who encounters many dramatic events which makes her decide she does not want to continue life. It is not that… Continue reading Review | 13 Reasons Why – Season 1

Daily Life

The Struggles of December

It is that time of year: cold, dark and sometimes even snowy days combined with the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s Eve struggles. I have already encountered a few of these struggles only in the past week. Do you recognize this as well? For me it started last Monday, the 11th of December. Snow was… Continue reading The Struggles of December

Daily Life

Train Life: Standing in second class or sitting in first class?

For my work I have to travel every day from my hometown Hoorn to Amsterdam. It’s not that very long, but it can be quite exhausting. Everyday I am taking the train for a 30 minute ride and on top of that I need a metro from the train station to work. Is that all?… Continue reading Train Life: Standing in second class or sitting in first class?