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Review | Suits – Season 2

Sometimes, tv channels won’t stop promoting their shows. However, when I found out season two of Suits was broadcasted on a Dutch channel, the season was almost over! Thank God there’s Netflix! The first season of Suits, which evolves around corporate law firm ‘Pearson Hardman’, kept me interested enough to watch the second season. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Suits-Season-2-In my review on the first season, I said that some characters were a bit dull as were the cases Harvey and Mike did. The ‘dull’ characters all made a better impression and the arrival of a new character made this season much more interesting.  The second season of Suits is about three things: The fight between Harvey and Jessica versus Daniel Hardman, saving the firm and keeping Mike’s secret a secret. Already in the first episode we learn about the hostility towards Daniel Hardman, who once used to be a managing partner and now he’s back with only one mission: Get his job back and make the lives of Harvey and Jessica a living hell. In the mean time Daniel manipulates people to get what he wants.

So the main characters are all back. Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres), Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman), Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) and Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty). There are of course a few new names, but the most important one – the character who made the storyline more interesting – is Daniel Hardman, played by David Costabile. Five years ago Daniel left the firm to take care of his dying wife, but only after Jessica and Harvey discovered his biggest secret. Now his wife is dead and Daniel returns to the firm, but as a changed man – so he says. In the beginning of the season I actually trusted him and thought Jessica and Harvey were just mean with their trust issues. But as the season progresses, we see a more evil-side of him.

Suits s2 castWe’re halfway through the season when we get some insight about the whole Daniel Hardman affair. Who is he and what has he done to be so hated by Jessica and Harvey? The eighth episode provides us flashbacks and is also the start of the present battle between Jessica and Daniel and who should run the firm. All the following episode are because of this storyline much more intriguing. The battle between Harvey and Jessica versus Daniel is truly the best part of the season. Daniel is so sneaky and manipulative but at the same time an amazing character! Harvey and his ego can be quite annoying at some points, but his plan to take down Daniel Hardman is marvellous. The final few episodes are even more interesting, because then it’s not only Harvey and Jessica versus Daniel. Daniel Hardman wants to take down the whole firm and this makes it an even bigger fight than it already was. One man who sides with Harvey and Jessica is the London based lawyer Andrew Darby, played by Game of Thrones star Conleth Hill. With his arrival, we also see another lady back: Dana Scott.

Mike Ross is still doing his thing, helping Harvey with all kind of cases and trying to keep his secret save. Even if this means giving up his relationship with Rachel Zane. I loved the whole Mike – Rachel storyline this season. It only took two episodes for them to start and stop dating. You can see the chemistry between the two and the rest of the season you keep on waiting and hoping for the moment when something happens between Mike and Rachel. The relationship – or how I see it: ‘bromance’ – between Mike and Ross hasn’t changed much. This might be the only thing I dislike. Sure, Mike has become smarter and he still tries to keep his secret save, but Harvey still acts like he’s the man and threats Mike whenever he’s done something wrong, just like he did in season one. And that’s all because of Harvey’s big ego, which is quite annoying sometimes. The chemistry between Donna and Harvey is still amazing and I truly love these two together. And the ‘ego-fight’ between Harvey and Jessica is also pretty interesting. I love how strong and fierce Jessica is and how she puts Harvey in his place. Talking about Donna, I really love her! Her character was already amazing in the first season and it still is! She’s funny, witty, sharp and has – like I mentioned before – an amazing chemistry with Harvey. Also, Donna and Rachel wear the most amazing clothes!!

Suits donna louis Suits -- "Zane vs. Zane" Episode 213 -- Pictured: Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane -- (Photo by: Ben Mark Holzberg/USA Network)

I really felt bad for Louis this season. Just like a lot of people in the firm, I didn’t like him at first because of his strange mannerisms and his attitude, but he’s not a bad person and in the end he deserves way more respect. Louis also can be quite amusing and sweet, like the scenes with Sheila Sazs from Harvard and what he did for Rachel. Another interesting part was the time when Louis and Mike worked together on a case. This is the first time you’ll get to see more of Louis’ character and his personal feelings towards the situation he’s in. You understand him and his actions a bit better. I hope to see more of the – ‘female Louis’ – Sheila Sazs (Rachael Harris), those two characters are hilarious together. When Louis is ‘back in the game’, a case is made against him and all for the benefits of Daniel Hardman. It’s interesting to see that a few cases reach the surface again to bite the firm in the ass.

The ending of the season is a very good one. Daniel Hardman is ‘gone’, Jessica Pearson has merged with another company and there’s a huge cliffhanger regarding Mike’s secret. I can’t wait to see how everything evolves in season three! Is ‘Pearson Darby’ save from Daniel and other sharks we met in this season? There’s only one way to find out!


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