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FIBA 3×3 Europe Cup

This last week the Urban Sports Week was organised in Amsterdam, Museumplein. The Europe Cup 3×3 basketball was a part of the festival, which started on Friday. This is a new kind of sport in the world of basketball and will also be played during the next Olympic Games! The Dutch team, men and woman, were also present this weekend.

The hotel I work at – Dutch Design Hotel Artemis – was a partner of this event, since we hosted the basketball athletes in our hotel. Therefore I was able to visit this event for free, definitely a perk of working at Aeon Plaza Hotels and being friends with the sales department. 🙂


Saturday evening I saw the Dutch men playing their match against Ukraine, who were way better than us. But nevertheless, the audience cheered and were very enthusiastic. Before this weekend I had never heard from this type of basketball, but I really enjoyed it! The pace of the game is very high, because it’s only 3 versus 3 and they play on a ‘half field’. There is only one basket and thus both teams have to score in the same basket. Click here to read the rules of this game. The vibe in the stadium was also terrific. Perhaps I didn’t know the sport, but lots of the spectators did and were very enthusiastic.

Besides this European championship, there were also some half-pipe for (roller) skaters to show their skills, a BMX parcour, areas for people to practice their freestyle basketball/skating skills and a lot of other activities. Add some food and drink stands and good weather and you have a great and sportive event!


The event is not over yet, with the finals of the 3×3 today! Luckily we can stream the matches on the facebook page of FIBA 3×3.


One thought on “FIBA 3×3 Europe Cup

  1. That is sooo awesome!!!! I ‘ve never watched a professional 3×3 basketball game before but I am so excited that it’s been added to the olympic sports list!

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