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Walks on the Beach

Something I really like to do in my spare time, is going to the beach. It doesn’t really have to be hot and sunny, a stroll along the beach in winter or autumn can be just as nice as in spring and summer. A walk combined with some refreshments in a beach house. The only requirement is that it has to be dry. When it’s raining you won’t find me outside, unless it’s a tropical rainstorm 😉

So walks on the beach are trips I do very often. Not only when I’m on holiday but also in my own country. These are my favourite places.


The best time to visit Zandvoort is almost every tim, it really depends on what you like. In summer and days when it’s warm and sunny,  during the weekends and holidays, it can extremely crowded by Dutch people and German, who are really into this place. There are a lot of places to chill and relax and still have a nice view on the beach. It is very touristic and is easy to reach by train.



This place might be my favourite beach stop to go during the entire year. It’s about 45 minute drive from my home town Hoorn and it has a nice centre to eat and to shop. The dunes are very high and during summer season there are some bars on the beach as well. It is less touristic and less crowded on hot summer days.


It is very easy to just go an my bike and got the nearest beach. In my home town Hoorn we do have a lovely area where you can lay on the grass and jump in the water. You should bring your own food and drinks. Or you can lunch at beach pavilion Oranje Buiten. You can also have a great walk through the trees and walk to the harbour and the centre of Hoorn. 


Petten is not a very interesting place to chill and relax, but it a nice place for a stroll on the beach in spring and autumn. When it is not too hot nor too cold.


I have only been to Castricum once during a day with the whole family. Uncles, aunts, cousins. We had a large barbecue and played a few games of beach volleyball. The beach looks pretty much the same as anywhere else. In summer it can be very crowded and there are a lot of spaces to eat and drink.


Another place where I have only been once is one of the Dutch islands Vlieland. When you look on the Dutch map, it is the second island in the north. I had a job interview for a hotel and had to leave very early by boat form the harbour of Harlingen. It took me almost two hours to get there, but I had quite an amazing view. The beach is very lovely, even on a cold winters day – I was there in January. 


Enkhuizen is an amazing place to visit when you love boats! I used to work in a museum (Zuiderzee Museum) and every day I passed by the boats in the harbour. The city doesn’t really have a beach with sand and everything, but there is an amazing place to kite and lay in the grass.


Petten aan Zee                                    Vlieland                                                    Enkhuizen

To end this beach post, I would like to add that this summer I’m going to Terschelling, one of the other Dutch islands in the Northern Sea. You will see and read my experience about this trip later on my blog as well!


One thought on “Walks on the Beach

  1. I visited Texel a couple of times now and there’s nothing more relaxing than get up at 7 am and go for a little walk 🙂

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