Hans Zimmer Live | Ziggo Dome Amsterdam 2017

Last night it was finally the night! After waiting for several months and having the tickets already in my possession, I got to see one of the biggest film composers live on stage. Hans Zimmer. The German successful film composer visited the Netherlands last year already, but tonight he will perform his music to a sold out hall in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. I was very sad I wasn’t able to come to last year’s tour, so imagine how happy I was when I read Mr. Zimmer would return to the Netherlands again!

In addition to Amsterdam, Hans Zimmer’s tour will visit several other cities in both Europe and America, and is part of the Hans Zimmer Live on Tour concept. Some time ago, I wrote about the the value of film music and believe that it can take a film or series to a higher level. Hans Zimmer definitely is one of composers who can give a film more emotion through a well-written soundtrack. The ones  I especially think of are The Gladiator, The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Lion King, Inception, Pirates of the Caribbean and Interstellar. Which is just a small grip from his works.

Of course Hans Zimmer was not only this evening in the Ziggo Dome. He took his 15-piece studio band, a big classical orchestra and a full choir with him! As if that is not enough, a visual spectacle was also organized. Knowing all this in advance, I already knew that the show would be a great experience and me a lot of other fans were definitely looking forward to it!

And it definitely was a superb experience!

Looking back, I did not have the best seat. I sat in the back of the ‘field’, so I did not have the complete overview of what was happening on the stage. Of course, I had a glimpse of Hans Zimmer himself who proposed his team of musicians in a nice way. For example, there were many women in his orchestra, and this girl power was definitely needed to compose a soundtrack for a superhero movie such as Man of Steel. According to the German composer. Who played besides the piano also some other instruments.

We received the greatest soundtracks like Gladiator, The Da Vinci Code, The Lion King – with Lebo M as Special Guest -, The Dark Knight, and a compilation of Pirates of the Caribbean. This was the last piece for the break and also my absolute favorite of the whole evening. And I was not the only one who thought so about it. The 10-minute music show, under the leadership of female cellist Tina Guo, got a standing ovation.

After the break it was time for the harder and more obscure music. Particularly in combination with the light show, the music performance of The Dark Knight, Inception and Interstellar were a whole experience. The light show was assembled under the guidance of lighting designer Marc Brinckman, who is known for the lighting of the Empire State Building and has participated in several concert shows. In addition to a musical spectacle, it was certainly a visual festival.

If Hans Zimmer returns to the Netherlands next year, I’ll definitely be back! Hopefully, with a slightly better camera and photos to look back on.

Photo’s: GreenhouseTalentNL

Video: Youtube Hans Zimmer Fans



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