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My First Solo Trip to Italy

I have never been on a holiday on my own. There was only one time when I visited my sister in London, I was completely on my own for a few days. I went to the museum and to parks, and had an amazing time. This summer I am going a step further: A single trip to Italy for 8 days.

Well not so single really. It’s a tour – created by Kras (Tui Nederland Holding) for people without a partner who just wants to go on a holiday but doesn’t want to do that complete on their own. I am looking pretty forward to it and I already feel a bit excited! Everything is planned out, so I do not really have to plan anything for myself. With the exception of 2 days in Rome and Sorrento.

Day 1

On the 3rd of September I will be flying from Amsterdam to Naples, early in the morning: 6:25 am. It might be very early, the positive side is that you still have the entire day! So on this first day we will explore Naples. The things we are definitely going to see are Galleria Umberto, the royal palace and the Castel Nuovo. After our visit we go to our hotel – Hotel L’Oasi in Aranova Fiumicino – nearby Rome, the capital of Italy and the city we will explore the next two days!

Day 2

On our second we will explore Rome with the group. So this means we probably get to see the highlights such as the  Colosseum, the fountains, the churches, the steps/stairs and the famous Piazza Navona. I just hope we get enough time to see everything and don’t get rushed.

Day 3

On this time we can explore Rome by ourselves. It really depends on what I have already seen on the second day, but I would really want to see the Vatican, the Pantheon, the Sistine Chapel and the Galleria Borghese. I really have to do some research on how to see the most in just one day.

Day 4

On the fourth day we go south to Ostia Antica,  which used to be the most important port city of ancient Rome. We will see the bathhouse and the theater. Later we have some time to relax at the coastal town of Lido di Ostia.

Day 5

On this day we leave Rome and go further south with our tour bus. Our first stop is Montecassino abbey.  After that, the town of Caserta is on the program, known for the Caserta Palace.  In 1997,  UNESCO listed the palace with the gardens and aqueduct on the World Heritage Site.

Day 6

The program of today is my favourite part of the trip! We are going to visit the Vesuvius and Pompeii! The only active volcano which destroyed the city of Pompeii so many years ago.. Note to self: buy hiking shoes so I can climb the Vesuvius! 

Day 7

The seventh day is for the beautiful city Sorrento. I have seen a lot of spectacular pictures of this city with the vineyards and the cliffs near the sea. I hope I can visit Capri as well!

Day 8

Our last day in Italy. I am not sure about the flight schedule, but according to the program we will leave our second hotel after breakfast. Hopefully I can make some nice pictures in the tour bus when we leave Sorrento and go north back to Naples.

Writing this I absolutely can’t wait to leave Amsterdam and go on my first ‘solo-trip’! Still have to do some research about how I can see the most of Rome in just one day, buy some hiking shoes and perhaps a nice camera to make the best pictures! If you have been to Rome before or other parts I am going to, please let me know if you have any tips for me! 🙂


3 thoughts on “My First Solo Trip to Italy

  1. Wow this looks so cool, I absolutely love Italy and I think I would definitely do it if I got more courage. So awesome of you to do this!

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