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Waiting at the Gate 

One of the first things you do when you go on a holiday, is deciding where to go, when and how. When we come to the ‘how’ question, the answer mostly is by car or by plane.

When you go by plane, there comes a moment – after you have checked in your luggage and have passed security – you have to walk to the gate. This is the point that you know you really have a seat in the plane. 100% sure you will get in. Everything has been checked in, you are past security and the final stop is the gate.

At the gate you have to wait a moment before you can actually get on the plane. So you can just sit and relax. Most people however don’t see it that way. Once they arrive at the gate they form a line in front of the desk where the final check will be. What’s up with that? I mean you have a seat guaranteed. You have paid for it and you are perfectly on time. So why form a line this big and stand for like 30 minutes? Minutes you can spend by relaxing, reading a book or just watch the people who are in line and wonder if they are scared to miss their flight? Lol

The picture above is from the gate at London Heathrow where my visit to London ended. I sat down and watched how the line got bigger and bigger. When the line was almost gone I stood up for the final check and got into the plane, ready for my flight to Amsterdam.

See you soon London!


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