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Review | Follow the Money – Season 2

18 months after the events of the first season of the Danish financial drama Follow the Money, Claudia Moreno has served her sentence for fraud. But the man who was responsible for the massive fraud at Energreen, is not done with his sordid affairs. Claudia would love to punish him for what he did and to do so she gets a job at another bank: Absalon. Fraud inspectors Mads and Alf are still searching for the truth behind the fraud scandal and become more enmeshed in the financial web of Christensen and his friends.

The first season of the Danish drama Follow the Money aired last year on the Dutch television. The second season was seen on the Dutch television as well, since Scandinavian series are hugely popular right now. They are mysterious, poignant, have interesting characters, have a current theme and moreover they are just very well put together. Follow the Money has all the above aspects and focuses on the banking crisis. It shows the start of such a crisis, the responsible ones, and how fraud detectives are trying to do something about it. For those who love Scandinavian drama and are interested in the financial world, this series is an absolute must see.

The second season also consists of ten episode. It continues 18 months after the end of season one. The same characters return and are more explored. Detectives Mads and Alf (Thomas Bo Larsen & Thomas Whan) are still determined to find those who were behind the fraud at the organisation of Energreen. After a visit from an aggrieved independent entrepreneur who has gone bankrupt, the case becomes much bigger. Mads is the detective who often makes his own plan and above all has his own ideas about the truth. In addition, he sometimes loses sight of reality. Fortunately, there is his colleague Alf, who is more realistic. Together, they are actually a good duo, who are getting more work in the second season and therefore play an important role.

The largest bank in Denmark (Nova Bank) appears to play dirty games. Claudia Moren (Natalie Madueño) realizes this as well. After 18 months imprisonment she has one goal: to stop the one(s) behind the fraud of Energreen. This Knud Christensen (Waage Sando) is a dangerous man and is also the head of Nova Bank. Christensen’s right hand and the man who cleans up his dirty work is ‘The Swede’ (Claes Ljungmark), who uses Nicky (Esben Smed Jensen) for various jobs. Nicky is in fact a good person and therefore you hope he does the right thing. But after finding a large sum of money in the previous season, it has only gone downhill. He does things he really does not want to do and is thereby demolished inside. He is so focused on the big money that he loses himself and his family.

The two new and key characters are siblings Simon and Amanda (David Dencik & Sonja Richter). Simon and Amanda are the directors of bank Absalon, which is faced with a hostile takeover. Claudia is their helping hand in need. Together they try to prevent the acquisition of Nova Bank, but with different characters come different ideas. Simon is a quiet boy, while Amanda is a woman with a strong vision. The characters collide therefore several times, while Claudia is trying to do everything to thwart Christensen and his takeover bid.

From the first episode Follow the Money is already on a thrill ride with a deadly shooting. Detective Mads starts with this small case, but it is getting bigger till it becomes a national event. Besides solving the case Mads is also faced with his own personal tragedy. Detective Alf on the other hand, seems to have no life besides his work. Alf is the most reasonable one of the two, and therefore the two fit very well together. But besides the good work he does and one very successful scene, Alf’s character is quite underexposed. When Claudia teams up with the two detectives, Alf seems to have little input. Bringing Christensen and his men bring down is Claudia’s priority, but in addition she is also a mother who really would like to see her child. This, her past at Energreen and her sharp ideas makes Claudia a very strong character. 

The case Mads and Alf has to solved gets larger and larger, the series itself is also becoming more radical and violent. Especially Nicky has a lot of trouble. After he and his good friend Bimse found a large som of money, he can’t get rid of ‘The Swede’. Nicky has nothing to do with the financial fraud, but he is sucked to it anyway. He is used by the Swede and has to do a lot of nasty things for him, which increasingly demands a lot of him. Nicky is the person you are definitely going to sympathize with, and remains hopeful that he chooses the right path.

The second season of the Danish series Follow the Money is now focusing even more on the banking crisis and shows how much fraud is involved. Several interesting and strong characters steal the show, whereof Nicky is one that arouses sympathy. Like many Scandinavian series Follow the Money is mysterious, poignant, has interesting characters, has an actual theme and is very well put together. By the end of the season, everything is clear, but is it the end where we have been hoping for?


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