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Review | Frikjent – Season 2

The second season of the Norwegian series Aquitted (Frikjent) continues right where the first season ended. In the first season we saw Aksel Borgen return to his home town, which causes a lot of irritations. 20 years earlier, Aksel got accused and acquitted from the murder on his highschool sweetheart Karine. He returned to help the local business in the little town, where the important energy company was in a crisis. Unfortunately everyone was still very suspicious towards Aksel and the past relived among the people. Season one ended with a gigantic climax. The murder was admitted, but we were left with a lot of questions. Luckily we can finally enjoy a new season!

*For those who haven’t seen the first season (yet), I recommend not to read any further due to spoilers.*frikjent-court-s2

The second season consists of eight episodes which explains all that has happened, and what not, all those years ago. Besides us viewers, also Aksel is determined to find out the whole truth. He wants to let everybody know what he knows, but nobody wants to believe him and has a different view on the case. Aksel is played by Nicolai Cleve Broch, an actor who knows how to play  a man with an obsession who has a lot of pain and anger as well. His actions are not always that clever and sometimes it is almost tiresome to watch how Aksel acts and reacts. After last season’s events,  you might have thought Aksel could start over. Unfortunately for him the series takes a total different turn.

William’s suicide attempt failed and besides that the man denies everything he has said. A huge bummer for Aksel who was so close at finding justice. Williams Hansteen is again played by Ingar Helge Gimle. For years William have lived with two huge secrets, secrets he even kept for his wife Eva. Lena Endre returns as Eva Hansteen, but is less determined than last season. She knows the truth, whatever they may be… For us viewers the truth is kept a secret for quite some time. Until the final episode you keep guessing at what has happened and who is involved. Also, Eva and William are masters in constantly twisting the truth. frikjent

One of the newcomers is actrice Amrita Acharia, known from Game of Thrones as Irri, who plays the part of public prosecutor Amina Sahir. After William Hansteen’s confessions Amina get brought to the case to see if William  can get prosecuted. However, a lot of developments take place which put Amina to the test. Besides this she also has to deal with Aksel and his obsession, and police officers who doesn’t follow the law. It’s up to Amina to find out who is responsible for the death of Karine all those years ago. A new trial follows and the drama starts anew as well. People lie, cheat and keep important details a secret. When a new drama takes place within the Hansteen family, things can’t get any worse for Aksel. 

Important smaller roles are Aksel’s brother Erik and mother Mai Britt. Erik (Tobias Santelmann) was trying to start a life outside the town where he was constantly reminded of the past. When he returns at the instance of his mother, he gets – partly because of Aksel – sucked into the life and the drama he wished to escape from. Erik is a good man with a good heart, but also a person who had to deal with the mess Aksel unknowingly had caused. Even mother Mai Britt can not handle the drama, although for different reasons. The relationship between Aksel and his mother was quite odd from the start, which makes it even more sad and hard for Aksel. A mother who doesn’t support her son and nobody to believe him. Police officer Kristoffersen (Øystein Røger) is even holding important information from the public, for his own mystery reasons. Henrik Rafaelsel plays the part of Lars Hansteen, Eva and William son and therefore the brother of the murdered Karine. The bankruptcy of his company, the difficult time between him and his wife Inger and the drama regarding his sister’s death, made Lars started drinking, a lot. At first glance he looks like the loser of the Hansteen family, who can not make any decisions for his own without his mother’s interference. But also this has everything to do with a huge family secret. frikjent-s2

To conclude, everyone in this series has their secrets which makes them do and say things for certain reasons. This makes the show very mysterious. Until the end it keeps unclear what the truth actually is. You even start wondering if Aksel is really the man who he says he is. His obsession to find justice is sometimes very tiresome because his character is so damn obsessive and aggressive at times as well. Besides, also Aksel starts doubting himself about what really happened. The story regarding the energy company, the reason why Aksel returned to his home town in the first place, was this season completely in the background. Just like character Tonje (Synnøve Macody Lund). All tough  she tries to start a new with company with Aksel’s help, nobody wants to know about his plans. Therefore the series only focusses on the unraveling of the secrets, with the beautiful Norwegian landscape in the background.

The second season of the Norwegian drama series Frikjent is really exciting and mysterious. After the end of the first season Aksel’s situation looked very good. Unfortunately it was not what it seemed. Multiple secrets have to come out, which makes sure the series stays  fascinating untill the end. Nicolai Cleve Broch plays his part as the victim much better than he did in the first season. His mission to find justice becomes an obsession and sometimes even tiresom. Why didn’t he just leave and start his life somewhere else? Leave the past behind? In the film The Count of Monte Cristo, a wise man said: “Do not commit the crime for which you now serve the sentence”. Hopefully Aksel listens to that advice…


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      1. Final yes but I can stil think another one can be squeezed in without spoiling & saying too much …a great series.

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