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Review | Trolls – 2016

Trolls are colorful creatures with multifunctional hair. They love dancing, singing and hugging. Their complete opposites are the Bergens, the always grumpy monstrous creatures who doesn’t know happiness. They believe the only way to be is happy is when you eat a troll.. Of course, the Trolls do not want to serve as dinner for these creatures and find a new home. Several years later, without having seen any Bergens, the Trolls have their loudest party ever. Their party however attracts the attention of the cook of the Bergens: Chef. It becomes her mission to capture the Trolls and bring joy to the Bergens once and for all. For Princess Poppy this leads to an adventure to save her friends from the hands and the bellies of Bergens.

The colorful, musical animated film Trolls comes from the same production company as Shrek: DreamWorks. The people behind this film are not unknown in the world of DreamWorks Animation. Directors Walt Dohrn and Mike Mitchell both worked on the production of Shrek, and writers Glenn Berger and Jonathan Aibel worked on the successful series Kung Fu Panda. You may well say that these gentlemen have added some great names to the film’s cast. Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake and Christine Baranski are the voices of the three protagonists: Poppy, Branch and the cook of the Bergens: Chef. Other famous names are Zooey Deschanel, Russell Brand, Gwen Stefanie, James Corden and John Cleese.


We already knew Kendrick and Timberlake can sing, but it takes a while before we hear Timberlake’s famous latest song. Kendrick voices princess Poppy,  the always happy, cheerful and positive Troll. She rather sees the good in things and approaches the world in the most positive way, instead of being prepared for the worst. Timberlake voices a very different character. Branch is the most sad troll who doesn’t like singing, dancing nor hugging. Therefore he isn’t very colourful. Poppy and Branch definitely are each others opposites, but that causes some interesting and funny moments as well. Especially when Poppy needs Branch’s help during her quest. Those of you who grew up in the 90s will probably recognize these creatures, the troll dolls with their colourful hair.  In the film there even are glitter trolls, who brighten up the world with – of course – glitter. Compared with the trolls their archrivals the Bergens, are practically giants. Who have the dangerous conception that only the consumption of the happy trolls can bring joy in their lives.

20 years ago the Trolls loved on a safe distance from the Bergens. This changes drastically when Poppy and her friends have the loudest party ever. The exiled chef of the Bergens tries to find the trolls for years and now she is determined to catch all of them and regain her place among the Bergens. When she kidnaps a part of the colourful and cheerful trolls, it’s up Poppy to save her friends. But the world seems to be full of dangers and she will never get to to land of the Bergens on her own. The creatures she encounters – what looks like fabric hand puppets  – want to eat her alive! Luckily she gets help from Branch – who is the complete opposite of Poppy – and makes a few new friends as well. Among them is one hilarious cloud, who only wants to help after he gets a ‘high five’. trolls-bergens

The three most important characters among the Bergens are Chef (Christine Baranski), who is determined to regain her place among the pessimistic creatures, Bridget (Zooey Deschanel), the girl from the royal kitchen who secretly is in love with king Gristle (Christopher Mintz-Plasse). King Gristle is one of the few Bergens who had never eaten a troll and therefore doesn’t know happiness, or does he? So actually the Bergens are just jealous on the always happy,colourful, optimistic. But like Poppy says: Happiness is inside everyone. Some just need someone to bring their happiness out. This is definitely the moral of the story.

Trolls is quite funny, but its likely the youngest among us will appreciate the film more than adult. The story is easy to follow and is mostly happy, colourful and cheerful, with idem songs. The Bergens are also more funny than scary and therefore the film is definitely for all ages! We meet a lot of different Trolls, which causes a lot of joy and diversity among the characters. The Blu-ray provides three versions of the film: the normal one and two sing-a-long versions. So if you’re just as positive as Poppy, and loves to sings as well, I recommend you give it a try!


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