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2 Month Work Anniversary

Dear readers and fellow film fans!

I know I haven’t post many articles the last few months. That is because after quite some time I finally found myself a real job! I started working on November 14th, so this week I had my two month work anniversary! 🙂

When I was in highschool I already wanted to work in a hotel someday. When I was 19 I had an internship at Center Parcs, a bungalowpark in the Netherlands. I really loved those six months, also because along with the other trainees I had the most amazing time there! It was more like a holiday. But after my internship, I had a lot of trouble finding a job I liked. I had hard time while I was busy writing my thesis and afterwards finding a job. My first real job was at a museum in Enkuizen, which is called Het Zuiderzeemuseum. I had an amazing time and had some lovely colleagues. However, the work itself wasn’t challenging enough and after six month I had to find something new.


And I did find something new, a job that is fun, challenging and is in a hotel! Now I’m finally working in a hotel, Aeon Plaza Hotels, as a reservations agent! As a reservations agent I make the reservations for not one but two hotels in Amsterdam: Dutch Design Hotel Artemis and Hotel Die Port van Cleve! I needed some time to adjust to the life of working full time, but now I have I would love to start writing again about the things I do and the films and series I see!

But if you are planning a stay in Amsterdam, I am very happy to make a reservation for you in one of these lovely hotels!

artemis hotel-die-port-front-by-night




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