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Review | Bron / Broen (The Bridge) – Season 3

In the third season of the Scandinavian series The Bridge, the Swedish detective Saga Norén again has to face a series of complex murders which are all related in some way. Because of the developments of season two, Saga gets help from a new Danish detective: Hanne Thomson. The partnership is short-lived and Henrik Sabroe is Saga’s partner in crime for the rest of the season. Together they try to figure out what is the link between the murders and, of course, who is responsible for it. In the meantime Saga and Henrik also struggle with their own personal problems, and Saga is put to the test.

The third season of the popular Swedish / Danish crime series The Bridge was broadcasted daily for two weeks on a Dutch network, called NPO2. And since I didn’t have the DVD, I was very happy about it. Just like the previous seasons, the series seems to follow the political slant with murders on those who supports gender equality and gay marriages. Or is it all a personal matter? Again different storylines and characters are intertwined in the sotry, but for a long time it is unclear how they are connected to the murders. This aspect is so strong that the viewer has to keep on wathcing. For how does it all really work?


Sofia Helin is back as the Swedish detective Saga Norén and her acting skills are once more marvellous. In the past two seasons we got to learn Saga’s character quite well, but the third season shows even more from Saga’s personal life and past. Saga is put to the test through the return of her mother – who stirs the past – her new colleague Henrik, the loss of a good friend, and her new boss Linn Bjorkman. This season Saga’s partner in crime is Henrik, played by Thure Lindhardt. In the first episode we meet this dubious man, and it takes a while before we really understand Henrik. That is once more the strongest aspect of the series. You keep on being fascinated as the series is very complex: It is not immediately clear who serves what purpose and how he or she is involved in the story. It takes the whole season to make connections between the characters, which makes it at times hard to follow if you can not watch the series on a daily basis.

This defenitely relates to the storyline of the pregnant Jeanette (Sarah-Sofie Boussnina) and her boyfriend Marc (Michael Slebsager), who constantly gambles. One point of critisisme is that not every storyline gets a proper ending. The first murder takes the detectives and their investigation to a female vlogger. A woman who has the opposite thoughts about the ideas of the deceased, and learns her daughter how to fight against some bullies. This is shown only one time which makes you wonder why they came up with, particulary the scenes with the daughter, at all? Only to make the series more complicated? Another loose end is the storyline of Annika (Louise Peterhoff), the mortician, who has an obsession for Claes (Reuben Sallmander). Generally, all characters eventually have some kind of connection with the murders.


Other characters to return are John (Rafael Pettersson), the agent who helps the investigation through his computer, and both head officers of the Swedish and Danish department: Hans (Dag Malmberg) and Lillian (Sara Boberg). Both are less present during the investigation, but do have a big influence on Saga’s personal life. The moments between Saga and Hans are quite intense at some point. New in the team is Maria Kulle, the Swedish deputy head officer Linn. Kulle makes quite the performance, but because of her character you don’t really get postive feelings towards this lady. The person who defenitely isn’t loved by the audience is the character Marie-Louise (Ann Petrén), Saga’s mother. Mother and daughter haven’t  had contact for 20 years, but now she’s back to mess with Saga’s life. The effect is clearly visible and Saga sees herself making mistakes. Linn sees it as well, and gives her less credit than Hans did.

The combination Saga/Henrik works almost better than Saga/Martin. In the previous seasons Martin (Kim Bodnia) was Saga’s partner, but because of his actions he has to stay put between four walls. Both Saga and Henrik have their own personal issues, making them understand each other better than those around them. Henrik knows how to handle Saga, and to a certain extent she feels comfortable with him. Eventually this cooperation seems to work better and looks stronger than the previous collaboration between Saga and Martin, who had more trouble with Saga’s character. The past of Saga and Henrik is what brings the two detectives together.


The third season of the Scandinavion crime series is, partly due to the contribution Thure Lindhardt’s character Henrik, an improvemnt on the previous two seasons. Because of Lindhardt you barely miss his predecessor Martin. Also Sofia Helin plays once more a very strong Saga, who has more personal troubles this time. The investigation to the murder is once more very complex; who is involved and how? These questions keeps the audience  engaged and fascinated to keep on watching. This season the protagonists have more personal problems, which makes the series more emotional. With the open end, we have to wait for season four, whereof filming starts in November!


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