Disney’s coolest Sidekicks

Almost everyone has his or her favorite Disney film and characters. From Aladdin to The Little Mermaid –  Ariel –  and the Lion King. Without their buddies – who give these main character good advice – they protagonists would be a lot less interesting. Therefore, I decided to discuss the 10 best sidekicks from Disney animated films!

1. Zazu (The Lion King)

King Mufasa’s marshall Zazu must keep an eye on the young prince Simba. Which is not an easy task for the colourful bird. zazu lion king

2. Timon and Pumbaa (The Lion King)

Years later, after Simba run away from home, it’s the job of the comical duo Timon and Pumba to guide him the way to adulthood with their motto: Hakuna Matata.timon en pumba

3. Sebastian (The Little Mermaid)

Also Sebastian the crab is used as a babysitter. The youngest daughter of King Triton is Ariel, who is quite wild and does what she wants. It’s up to the musical crab to watch over her. However, Sebastian goes against the wishes of the King and helps Ariel in her mission.

sebastian little mermaid

4. Genie (Aladdin)

The blue Genie from the magical lamp helps the simple young Aladdin in his quest to win the heart of Princess Jasmine. His advice is simple: Tell her the truth!

genie aladdin

5. Lumiere and Cogsworth (Beauty and the Beast)

Without Lumiere and Cogsworth, the beast and all the other magical creature in the castle would still be caught in their magical body. This comcal duo hepls the beast to win Belle’s heart and so become human again.Lumiere en cogsworth

6. Louis (Prinsess and the Frog)

Alligator Louis might not give the best tips to his two frog buddies, but he provides enough nice moments during the mission. While playing on his trumpet in the water, he supports Tiana and Prince Naveen to get their human form back.

Louis prinses en de kikker

7. Pascal (Rapunzel)

Pascal the chameleon, and for a long time the only friend of Rapunzel, does not say much. But through his facial expressions Pascal provides Rapunzel of good advice. He helps her with intruders.

Pascal rapunzel

8. Maximus (Rapunzel)

In the same film, it takes a while before the horse Maximus joins the team, but towards the end he is the savior of the story. Maximus’ comings and goings, and especially his dog-like character traits, gives us enough reasosn to laugh.

maximus rapunzel

9. Timothy (Dumbo)

The baby elephant Jumbo – who gets called Dumbo becase of his giant ears – is all alone and misses his mother. Fortunately there is Timothy the mouse. Timothy helps Dumbo the become the main act of the circus by teaching him how to fly and therefore take revenge on the mean elephants.Timmie dombo

10. Thumper (Bambi)

All animals need friends, so even young deer Bambi. The rabbit Thumper is the first one to meet Bambi and become his friend. Together they experience many adventures in both winter and spring.

Stamper bambi


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