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Review | Jason Bourne – 2016

Several years after his disappearance, Jason Bourne returns and – once more – he is looking for answers. Ex-agent Nicky Parsons, however, was never completely out of the picture. By hacking into the CIA network, she discovers new information about Jason Bourne’s past. She also finds out the CIA is developing a new program that is even more darker than the one Bourne worked for. From the moment Parsons makes contact with Bourne about this new information, Bourne is back in the picture at the CIA. And again it’s a battle between the CIA and its most dangerous and former agent ever.

Nine years after The Bourne Ultimatum Matt Damon returns as former CIA agent Jason Bourne. At that time, Damon wasn’t interested in making another Bourne film and therefore the film studio decided to continue the franchise without him. In 2012 the fourth installment appeared, The Bourne Legacy, with Jeremy Renner in the lead. However, Matt Damon did return for this new film, and to make it easy lets just forget the film with Renner, since Jason Bourne is a direct sequel to The Bourne Ultimatum. Who also returns is Paul Greengrass, the director of this film and the first three, and Julia Stiles as Nicky Parsons. Though her role is small, her actions have a big impact. New to the cast are Tommy Lee Jones as Robert Dewey (CIA director), and Alicia Vikander. Vikander plays the very interesting character of Heather Lee, and thanks to the young actress, the film is a lot more exciting.
Jason Bourne (2016)

In addition to the acquisition of Alicia Vikander, the film is not very innovative. It follows the same pattern as the previous films: Jason Bourne is being chased by his former employer, the CIA, because he is looking for answers. In the previous film he was very hard to find, but the CIA team, led by Heather Lee has now quickly detectedJason. Nevertheless, it certainly remains an impressive film with enough spectacular pursuits including those in Las Vegas and Greece, where the riots convincingly play in the background. These scenes are well written and keeps your attention on the screen. The mysterious character of CIA agent Heatler Lee creates enough tension. What exactly does she wants to achieve and what are her motives? CIA agent Asset, played by Vincent Cassel, certainly has personal reasons to go after Bourne. He also has his own hidden agenda – but who has not – what provides the some ambiguities with Heather Lee.

Another role is laid down for Riz Ahmed as Aaron Kalloor who has developed an app for the world. Norms and values are thrown overboard as Kalloor makes a deal with the CIA. This plot shows how insidious the CIA is working and how desperate they want to know everything about the society. It comes close to reality in terms of the questions we ask ourselves about privacy violations, and to what extent the government can know everything about us. This part of the film could have been better developed by going deeper into it. It is a current theme that with the rising crime and the culture of fear that comes with it, one is more likely to give up his privacy. Unfortunately, the film Jason Bourne is too focused on personal vendettas. Jason himself is focussed on finding out the truth about his father, sniper Asset just wants to kill Bourne, and Heather wants to get on a higher level in the CIA and to get Jason on her side. Bourne 5

Technically the story could have been better. And for a films that is called Jason Bourne, you would expect that this man is the most important person of the film. However, Jason is often a pawn in the CIA game played by Heather Lee and Robert Dewey. Does Bourne deserve another chance at the CIA? Or should he be taken down? Fortunately, the many action scenes make it worth the watch. There are moments in which the action is not quite easy to follow, because it goes back and forth very quickly, but the action scenes in Las Vegas come to a beautiful climax with various stunts.

To conclude, Jason Bourne is an entertaining action film in the Bourne series. However, there are also some critical notes. The action and acting is good, but the story itself could have been improved by making the film more innovative. Now it’s too much a repeat of what we have seen before. Jason Bourne is often a CIA pawn in his own film, and CIA agent Heather Lee is a much more interesting character than the protagonist. The film closes with an open end, which means that a possible follow-up can not be ruled out.


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