Organising a Movie Night

Many of us have been through the following problem. You want to organise a movie night with your friends, but what film to watch to satisfy everyone? Not everyone likes the same genre or actor, and soon it is two hours later and everybody is irritated. The search for a suitable film on, for example, Netflix takes a lot of time, time that could be better spent on actually watching a movie. I myself have had this problem quite often, which sometimes even ended up in a night that not I haven’t seen a film! The answer to this problem is actually quite simple: expand your horizons and interests, and perhaps you’ll find something refreshing and fun!

I have to admit, I’m that kind of person who skips a film when I have never heard of it, know the actors or the director. Which might be a shame, because maybe I missed a beautiful film! It also can be the opposite. When I do know an actor, but I’m not a fan of him or her, I might skip that one as well. A different situation is when you’re such a huge fan of someone, you just have to see the film he or she is in. Despite their acting or directing skills. Who didn’t went to see a movie in cinema or on Netflix, just because a specific person plays a part in it?

filmavond met netflix

Again, this is something I’m guilty of. Watching a movie just because of a very good-looking actor. And then afterwards to conclude that the movie was not as good as I hoped and the acting is also not that good either. Fortunately, I still can be objective and acknowledge the fact that despite of my wishes and hopes the film wasn’t flawless. Anyway, to get back to the problem of a movie night. Many people have their expectations about a movie they know or don’t know, with known or unknown actors, and in any genre. I might come in handy to determine if it’s really important that you are familiar with a film. People can also make problems when there isn’t any reason to. There are those people who desperately want to pick out a film everyone will like, an impossible task if you ask me, and therefore start to think for others. 

I often let others decide what to watch. As a film fan, it is important to open up and go for the unknown. I try to watch everything, but the problem is others try to think for me and think I won’t like the film they choose. How do they know that? And then new movie titles are rattled which makes us lose a lot of time. Again. Yes, decide what film to watch during a movie night can cost a lot of tension. Actually, people should develop an app where you can pick a movie in advance, in some kind of way. Or don’t be stubborn and just watch something you initially think you won’t like it. My father and his old westerns example, are less bad than I thought beforehand. Some are even funny.

So, it comes down to that you can make the choice as difficult as you want. Go try for something different and try the favourites of your fellow viewers. If the film really isn’t your thing, you can also act as a waiter! Have a nice movie night!


One thought on “Organising a Movie Night

  1. Haha, very nice article! I also have problems with choosing a movie. I’ve got too much DVD’s, Netfix has a lot to offer. Even at the cinema it’s a struggle to find out which movie is worth watching.

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