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Review | Under The Dome – Season 3

In the third season of Under the Dome, we finally learn who is responsible for the mysterious dome what keeps the village of Chester’s Mill parted from the rest of the world. After season two the inhabitants hoped they had fins their way out, but is this also the case? New characters cause new developments which divides the people of Chester’s Mill. Will Barbie, Julia and the others find their way out of the dome this time?

Science fiction series Under The Dome knows three seasons and is based on the book written by Stephen King. However, during the first season it was already clear the writers deviate from the book. In the first two seasons, the people of Chester’s Mill were introduced to the mysterious dome and had to face multiple natural disasters. The third and final season however, is more of an actual fight against the dome and those responsible for it. The familiar characters Dale ‘Barbie’ Barbara (Mike Vogel), Julia (Rachelle Lefevre), Big Jim (Dean Norris), James Rennie (Alexander Koch), Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz) and Joe (Colin Ford) are back. A part of them is able to resist the dome’s plans and so one interesting partnerships are formed. Those are up against two new characters: Marg Helgenberger (CSI) plays the role of Christine Price, a mysterious woman who pretends to be a therapist. Kylie Bunbury plays the role of Eva Sinclair, a good friend of Christine, but who also has her secrets.

under the dome big christine

At the end of season two the people of Chester’s Mill thought they find their way out and therefore continued with their lives. But they are mislead. Pink cocoons, an alternate reality, a strange gunk that turns people into obedient and whistling zombies, and something that grows from within the people. In season three we finally face an extraterrestrial mystery. Initially, only Julia and Big Jim seem to be able to resist it and stay true to their character. And it is for these two to find a solution to save the people. The partnership between Julia and Big Jim is very refreshing. They will never be friends, but as long as they have the same purpose they get along. As the season progresses, others are emotionally triggered and changed back to their normal self. Again, teenagers Norrie and Joe play a major role in the development of the series. Their mood swings definitely benefit their characters and because of it they are the helping hand to Julia and Big Jim. Without giving away too much, the moments when someone tries to emotionally shake up an other, is quite impressive.

Therefore there are a few touching moments. Apart of those moments, I never really felt compassion for the characters. Once the season progresses, there are two groups: the Resistance and the Kinship. Junior James Rennie (Alexander Koch) is a leader in the Kinship, which makes his character more interesting. He has more input to the story and is a stronger character than before. Rachelle Lefevre’s character Julia is unchanged. She is still madly in love with Barbie and does everything to find out the truth about the dome and the secrets of the new characters. This is what makes Julia is the most flat person, since all the other characters undergo some sort of change. Even Big Jim shows a different side this season. He is still manipulative, but because his action are so obvious, he’s also kind of funny. However, Jim also shows more emotions: his will to survive, love for his dog, and – yes – for his son Junior.

under the dome big jim en julia

An organisation that does or does not benefit from the dome, is the mysterious Aktaion. They first appeared in season two, but towards the end of the series finale we learn more and more about them. Who are they, what are they doing, and even more important: what is their plan towards the dome?  At some point, the Resistance feel the need to coöperate with Atkaion. Thereby secrets come to light and little by little more gets clear. Actually, Under The Dome is quite mysterious, and that’s really the only thing that keeps you watching. The characters are not interesting enough and sometimes illogical plans are put into effect, plans that are good for nobody. The last two episodes of the series make the series a bit more exciting, but whatever the outcome you’re happy when the series has come to an end. The series stopped at the right time, despite of the good open end. In terms of storyline, a fourth season was possible, but after three seasons we’ve had enough of pink stars and weird cocoons. 

The third and final season of the mysterious science fiction drama Under The Dome is a worthy ending. The fun was over and despite of the impressive open end, the series stopped at the right time. Familiar characters, such as Barbie, Big Jim en Julia returned, and also new characters made their appearances. Marg Helgenberger as Christine Price awakens the mysterious aspect of the series even further. Finally we also have to deal with aliens and the mystery of the dome is solved!


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