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Review | Sisters – 2015

Sisters Maura en Kate Ellis are around forty years old and thus left their parent’s house ages ago. When their parents are planning to sell their childhood home, Kate and Maura are anything but happy. It’s the home where memories are made and lots of parties are given. Now Kate and Maura have to clean up their old rooms, but while they’re at it they get the most amazing idea! Give their last home party with old highschool friends. There’s one big difference, this time Kate is the one who needs to keep an eye on things so that Maura finally can have her party.

In this comedy Amy Poehler and Tina Fey play the lead roles, the sisters. Fey plays Kate, the oldest and most irresponsible sister who lives with her teenage daughter Hayley in a small and messy apartment.  Her career as a makeup artist is a joke and therefore Kate hopes to take advantage of her trip to her parents in Orlando. Maura seems to have a better life. Though Poehler’s character is divorced, she does have a job and a nice place to live. Director of the film is Jason Moore, who is not entirely unknown in the world of comedies. Moore also directed the singing film Pitch Perfect. With this director and two hilarious women in the lead, you seem to have a funny film for a nice night out. Sisters 1

And you do have a funny film! It’s not a high-quality film which makes you think about life, but Sister is definitely entertaining. Both the two main characters as the various supporting roles give you a smile on the face several times. Kate en Maura’s parents are played by James Brolin and Dianne Wiest, who are the reason of the sisters’ arrival. The parents have decided to sell their home, which is the start of some hilarious moments. These moments start when the girls meet at the Orlando airport and continues until the moment the parents disturb the party. The film ends with clichés, but that doesn’t make the film less funny.

The sisters Kate and Maura are very different. Where Kate was always the party animal, Maura was the person who did not drink and took care of everyone. Because Kate believes Maura deserves a real house party, the tables are turned. The storyline is fairly predictable, but not the capacity. The house is for sale so logically it must remain tidy for the buyers. With a big party coming up, it is quite predictable the house is going to be a mess, but how big of a mess? And who is responsible for what? Unfortunately we didn’t get a reaction from the buyers, that could have been funny. But there are a lot characters, some more crazy than the others, who do have an interesting end and evening, albeit with a cliché-like finish.

The first character we meet is James, played by Ike Barinholtz, who has the most awkward conversation with Maura. James is with his attitude the most lame person who is on the party, and therefore it’s a true mystery why Maura fancies him. Probably because of the lack of better guys, which says it all. Before the party we meet Brinda, who is played by Maya Rudolph. For some reason Kate hates her, and Brinda is the only high school acquaintances who is not invited to the house party. But Brinda is not the kind of person who takes no for an answer and makes some hard Game of Thrones statements.Sisters 2

It took some time before the party actually became a succesful party. How funny it is to give a house party and then realize that everyone is, of course, 20 years older. It was indeed more of a wake than a party at first! But fortunately there  is Dave (John Leguizamo), the most erroneous person who knows how to give the party a boost: in the form of beefcake Pazuzu (John Cena) and his special suitcase. It’s waiting untill things go wrong, especially when you invite Bobby Moynihan’s character Alex. Alex is in fact a hyperactive prankster – who is anything but funny – who starts getting mental after he put his nose in something white. The house party was also the perfect way for the sisters and parents to set the record straight, the moment everything becomes clear.

Sisters has a fairly predictable storyline and is also pretty cliché-prone. However, with this comedy it’s not necessarily a drawback. The film is very entertaining as the characters makes you want to laugh a few times. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are very funny as the two sisters who want to go back in time. You don’t have to expect a masterpiece, but this easy to follow comedy is great for a fun night out with friends. 


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