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Review | The X-Files – Season 10

After more than ten years, the special FBI agents are back. The skeptical doctor Dana Scully and the man who believes in alien and inexplicable things: Fox Mulder. Until Mulder is approached by conspiracy thinker and TV maker Tad O’Malley, Mulder and Scully live separately. When O’Malley shares new information with them, Mulder and Scully decide to open the X Files again and delve into unexplained cases once more. x-files-fox

The mysterious science fiction series The X-Files started in 1993 and ended nine seasons later in 2002. Now, in the year of 2016, the FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are back for a tenth season. Returning in the their respectively roles are Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. The interaction between these two characters is still running smoothly and the chemistry is still there. Also returning are the series creator Chris Carter, who also directed a few episodes, Mitch Pileggi as X-Files supervisor Walter Skinner and the mysterious Smoking Man, played by William B. Davis. A nice addition to the cast are two new characters, who are in fact a younger version of the duo Mulder en Scully. Robbie Amell and Lauren Ambrose play respectively the parts of the sensitive agent Millen and the more sceptical agent Einstein. Besides the familiar characters, the famous intro theme song is used to get even more nostalgic feelings. 

Back in the days, as part of the X-Files team, Scully and Mulder investigated cases with a strange, alien and paranormal feeling to it. However, for some reason the department was shot down. Besides this there are few uncertainties and therefore this season is very easy to follow for someone who hasn’t seen the previous seasons. The introduction of the pilot explains everything about the main characters: who are they and what is their job. However, the opinions have changed. Agent Scully used to be the more sceptical, but because of her past and her alien DNA she now believes more in the unknown and unexplained. Mulder on the other hand is starting to be more sceptical and tries to approach things on the scientific way. After conspiracy thinker Tad O’Malley contacts Mulder with new information, everything becomes clear: Everything Mulder believed in is fake.x files 2016 scully en mulder

Everything Mulder and Scully have done and examined turns out to be a joke, a trick of the US government and large multinationals. The first episode unravels the mystery of aliens, UFOs and abductions. Everything is set up by those who have great influence. Conspiracy Thinker Tad O’Malley has all the information there is and shares it with Scully and Mulder. O’Malley is played by Joel McHale and is a very interesting character. The way he brings his information is both impressive as it is frightening, because why is this done in the first place? It is therefore a pity we only see this character in the first and last episode. It is also unfortunate that after the first episode little about this concept is clarified and therefore the show is not working towards an actual season finale.

Each episode, aside of the first, has its own isolated cases, so there is no real common thread in the series. This doesn’t have to be bad, if you like unusual cases that might be very far-fetched and are not resolved. Think of the ridiculous episode with the lizard. Until the last episode, the subject of paranormal activity and aliens has disappeared completely. But then the conspiracy theories and scientific tricks are used to make the finale interesting and we see more of the Smoking Man. What has this man done anyway? The solution is very simple all though Mulder needs more to get better, resulting in a strong cliffhanger that comes very abruptly. However, this season finale is the best episode of the season. It continues where the first episode has ended and is working towards a new season and probably a very personal quest for Scully.x files 2016

The tenth season of the science fiction series The X-Files requires little explanation. During six episodes Dana Scully and Fox Mulder have to deal with conspiracy theories, alien DNA, inexplicable things and a pandemic. The series consists mainly of free-standing episodes, only the first and last episodes are connected to each other. This makes you miss a thread. It is good to see that the two main characters are still good adapted to each other after an absence of more than ten years. The interaction between the characters of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny is still strong. A nice addition is a rejuvenated version of Mulder and Scully: Robbie Amell as Agent Miller and Lauren Ambrose as agent Einstein. Now we have to wait for any news about a potential new season!


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