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Review | Stalker – Season 1

A long time ago I was just skipping channels on my television, until I came across the tv-series Stalker. The very first episode was just about to start, the synopsis sounded interesting and therefore I decided to watch this new show. 

Stalker is a series with 20 episodes in which the lead characters are detectives and have to solve a case. It’s not just any crime case, only those where the victim has to deal with a stalker. The series is set in Los Angeles and it revolves around LAPD’s Threat Assessment Unit’s Lt. Beth Davis. Together with her colleagues detective Jack Larsen, Ben Caldwell and Janice Lawrence it’s her job to protect and save those who get stalked and asks the team for help. Along the way things get more personal, until it totally gets out of control.

Beth Davis is the lead character and is played by Maggie Q. Davis is an interesting character because she’s more than what she tells the others. She has a heavy past which is the reason she moved to Los Angeles and became a detective specialized in stalking cases. She’s one of those strong female character with a traumatic past she had to overcome. Read more about that article ‘here’. Beth’s past is quite the mystery although it’s know she got stalked to some extent. When we found out the truth by her friend Tracy (Tara Summers), it was even more tragic than I ever imagined. The other main character is Jack, played by Dylan McDermott. At first I thought he was a creep with some issues as well. He left New York and his job for some reason and he’s always lurking in the bushes to see his ex-wife and child. He always seems to know exactly what happened while investigating the stalker cases. It this because of his psychological ‘gift’ / ‘knowledge’ or because he’s in fact a stalker? And what has he done in New York to make him leave?Stalker-05-cast-2

The other two members of the team are Ben and Janice, respectively played by Victor Rasuk and Mariana Klaveno. They are doing a great job with helping Beth and Jack, but besides that they aren’t that interesting. They don’t have a past they are just excellent detectives and good in what they do. The team occasionally gets help from Trent Wilkes (Warren Kole), an FBI agent, and Amanda Taylor (Elisabeth Röhm), who is an important person in the LAPD and good friend of Beth. She’s a helping hand to her when she needs one. The two evil persons are played by Erick Stocklin, who plays the naive young rich boy who is fascinated by the strong Beth, and Eion Bailey. I recognized Bailey from Once Upon a Time, but don’t think he’s a nice guy in Stalker. He has a lot to do with Beth’s past.

Each episode is a standalone one and therefore it’s too much of the same thing. True, the stalker subject is other than the most detective shows but it follows the same line every episode: someone get stalked and after the stalking escalates, the victim reports it. When the stalker strikes again, the suspect gets arrested. In the end however it’s always someone else. Nevertheless each episode kept me drawn to the television because I like the characters and the subjects. Interesting fact: it was always a woman who get stalked. There is however an overall storyline which has everything to do with Beth’s past and it start in episode 1. After the suspect from the first episode got arrested by Beth, he gets fascinated by her. Perry (Stocklin) is rich boy who doesn’t realize what the consequences of his actions might be. Therefore I felt sort of sympathy for Perry along the way when he has to deal with a greater evil: Ray (Bailey). The interaction between Perry and Ray was quite fascinating. Stalker beth en jack

The series consists of 20 episodes whereof the first 17 episodes were all very good. Scary, with a few twists – although it’s mostly predictable the detectives don’t have the right person in custody at first, it’s always guessing who is the true stalker – and more horror like than the final episodes. Which is in my opinion the other way around. The 17th episode was the final one before the big hiatus. It was already known the series would be cancelled, but the makers wanted to make descent end. This is where they failed. The end was laughable and questionable, which is a shame for Beth’s character. Beth is strong and clever, therefore the things she does when she is in distress are not plausible. Knock the man down already!  However, it only took one episode to find Beth and deal with her stalker. They should have made this part harder, more harsh, longer and way more scarier. It went to easy and was less interesting than the ‘normal’ stalker cases. So instead of giving Beth’s storyline a proper ending, they decided to dedicate the final two episodes to a new case involving a serial killer, which leads to an open end to a different character.

To conclude, Stalker is a good crime series with a very interesting topic: stalking. The ending is somewhat disappointing and the different stalking cases are more interesting than the overall storyline: Beth’s stalker past. It was also kind of scary to see the scenes when the women are being watched by their stalker. And why is it always a man who stalks a woman? I hope a show with this topic will be made in the future, since I’m really fascinated by it and I’m also fed up with all the doctor / CSI / NCIS series!


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