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Review | The Perfect Guy – 2015

At first sight Leah and Dave seem to be a very happy couple, all though something is bothering. Leah wants to get marries and have kids at some point, but Dave doesn’t want to rush things. Leah, however, feels she has waited long enough and breaks up with him. It doesn’t take long before she meets the charming Carter, who she thinks is the most perfect guy she’s ever met. But when she sees his dark side and what he is capable of when Carter is mad, Leah wants nothing to do with him anymore. Carter on the other hand has a different opinion and a thrilling cat and mouse game starts. Who pulls the longest straw?

The Perfect Guy is typically a film with a good concept, but a not so good implementation. There’s something wrong within each aspect of the film, starting with the title. The supposedly perfect man is Carter who is played by Michael Ealy, known from Think Like a Man. Whether you  think Ealy is a handsome guy or not, is obviously a personal taste. However, when we look at his “perfect” character, we won’t get far. Carter is labeled as ‘too good to be to true’ by Leah and her friends, but besides Ealy’s seductive voice and the fact he’s bribing his family in law, the writers reflect too little on that aspect. We just see too little of Carter to see him as a ‘perfect guy’. The other protagonist is Leah, played by Sanaa Lathan. Leah is successful in her work, has a nice house but wants more. She hopes to get this “more” from Carter. A good thing is that Leah’s character is strong and anything but naïve.

Perfect guy 2

The man with whom Leah breaks up with is Dave, who is played by Morris Chestnut, known from the series Legends and Rosewood. For some reason Dave enters Leah’s life again, which triggers some events. The helpful policeman Hansen is played by Holt McCallany, who recently played in the action film Run All Night. It’s nice to have a friendly detective at your side, but his kindness comes out of nowhere really. It is one thing to help a woman in distress, but the way it happens in this film is not credible. What are Hansen’s motives? The film has many of these kind of moment, loose ends. Also regarding Carter’s character. Why is he perfect in the first place and what happened in his past? For us viewers the car crash is a done deal, but it’s never officially solved.

In addition, the film rambles on too much. From having dinner with friends and talking about a future date with Carter, to that same dinner date. Because of these topic changes, the film goes too fast and both the story as the characters are therefore not well explored. A turn of events thought, if you have little or no foreknowledge of the film, is that because of the title you are put completely on the wrong track. Where I thought I would get to see a romantic drama with lots of steamy scenes, the film ends in a stalker thriller. An interesting subject, but also not very well explored. It was never scary, thrilling or mysterious enough, because the actions where way too obvious. The staring gaze of Carter is probably the most intriguing aspect in this area.

Perfect guy 1

There are also ‘bugs’ in the technical field. The obvious horror music makes the film less exciting than it could be. Everything is so predictable and there are many moments that are too cliché. Despite all these critical points, the film is definitely not as bad as it looks like right now. The Perfect Guy is definitely an entertaining film with an interesting concept. Therefore it is almost a shame that there are so many critical notes. 

The Perfect Guy is anything but perfect. To make the film more exciting, poignant and mysterious, the filmmakers better had to go up a gear. The characters are too flat, the film has too many loose ends and the story rambles on too often. However, the film is entertaining and it’s really unfortunate that a film with a solid concept is so disappointing.


3 thoughts on “Review | The Perfect Guy – 2015

    1. That’s what I thought after seeing the trailer. But with this one and Pompeii, I really felt sad it was so bad

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