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Review | Bron / Broen (The Bridge) – Season 2

The second season of the Swedish and Danish thriller series The Bridge, starts 13 months after the events of the first season. The co-operation between the main character, Saga and Martin, has ended and they haven’t seen or spoke to each other the past few months. After a ship with dead bodies on board crashes against the Bridge, Saga seeks for the help of the Danish police corps, including Martin. This incident is the start of a few environment-related attacks. Once more it’s Saga and Martin’s job to find out who’s responsible for the attacks and put it to a stop before it gets out of control.

For those who haven’t seen the end of season one yet, I recommend you not to read this review in case of spoilers.

The detectives, who are also the main characters, are again very well portrayed by Kim Bodnia and Sofia Helen, even though the characters have changed. 13 months have passed since Saga eliminated the attacker from last season. However, the drama didn’t stop there for her Danish colleague Martin. He and his wife Mette live separated, the killer of his son August haunts through his mind and he has not been able to process all of misery. Martin’s conversations with the psychologist doesn’t seem to help so he makes a decision that not everybody supports. Also Saga’s life has changed. She lives together with her new boyfriend Jacob, though they have different ideas about relationships and cohabitation. However, Saga does try to be a good girlfriend by reading books about relationships and stuff. But the relationship between her and Martin is like they were never out of touch. They respond well to eachother and their conversations can make you laugh. The Bridge s2 cast

In contrast to season one, the team where Saga and Martin work with have a bigger part in solving the crime – fortunately. Two new characters are Rasmus and Pernille. Rasmus is played by Henrik Lundström and can’t really deal with Saga’s personality. He also doesn’t get the assignments he hopes for and therefore goes on solo missions, which doesn’t end well for Rasmus. He’s a bit of a tool who badly wants to do the good things, but not in the right way. The new female colleague is Pernille, played by Vickie Bak Laursen, who is a better team player. In the beginning she’s a bit pushy which makes you distrust her. However, she does give a very strong and emotional performance in the final scenes, which makes you never forget Pernille. The third team member is John, who we know from the first season. Rafael Pettersson plays the Swedish agent who is master in finding people through his computer. Also John’s role is bigger then before, since he and the others of the team are more involved in the case and what Saga and Martin are doing. Heads of the Swedish and Danish police departments are back as well: The Swedish Hans (Dag Malmberg) and the Danish Lillian (Sara Boberg). Especially Hans has his moments.

Just like the previous season, the second season of The Bridge consists of ten episodes in which Saga and Martin have to deal with those who are/ is behind the attacks. Again, the attacks are of political nature, which makes the viewer think about the daily business. This time the criminals are a group of environmental activists who wants to let the world see that it is bigger than your own country. They do this by drawing the attention to animal testing, famine, effects of transport on the environment and disease in African countries. To give their mission strength, the activists conduct several attacks on random people. But the big question is, who is behind these attacks and who is the author? At some moments it seems clear who is responsible for the crimes, but there are several character who seem to have a hidden agenda. Or at least the that impression is given. It’s anyway an exciting and mysterious case, in which the relationships between the many characters long remains unclear. Does the offender really wants to open the eyes of the population, or is it personal? The Bridge s2 1

To make it even more complicated, Saga and Martin have more to do than solving the mystery. This season their issues get discussed more and old wounds are opened. Martin can’t leave the past behind and therefore visits the man who is responsible for the death of his son, August. In addition, he misses his wife Mette and children, whereof one is faced with a mysterious illness, and Martin starts rooting in Saga’s past. Saga on the other hand realises having a relationship and living together is tougher than expected. Therefore she often immerses herself in her work. Despite Saga’s lack of proper social skills, we do see a more emotional side of her, which is often a very moving moment. Hopefully we learn more about Saga’s past, because there are signs she didn’t have a very nice childhood.

The second season of the Swedish Danish series The Bridge makes you think again about the problems in the world. The storyline is also well written. The connections between de new characters and the attacks remains unclear for a very long time, which makes the series exciting and very mysterious. It’s definitely not an option to stop watching. During every episode you have another suspect in mind, because the writers make everyone look suspicious with their hidden agendas. The renewal of the police team is very positive. They have more input in the case and especially Pernille gives a very strong and impressive performance. In contrast to the first season, this time there is a cliffhanger and not only related to the attacks. The future of an important character is also unclear. Season 3 aired in September, but I’m waiting for the moment I can see on my On-Demand service!


5 thoughts on “Review | Bron / Broen (The Bridge) – Season 2

    1. Yes there is! With Diane Kruger and Demián Bichir. It’s set on the texas chihuahua border

  1. I love this. I’ve never seen the English language remake as this series is the best thing I’ve seen on tv for a long time, so don’t feel the need to seek that out. I can’t think of a more interesting and fascinating character than Saga, and plaudits must go to Sofia Helin’s playing of her. I think if you put Helin beside the character of Saga, they would appear totally different. You can’t say anything better for an actor.
    I was worried about the absence of Martin: but season three is cool too! 🙂

    1. I agree. Saga is a fascinating character and I read she’s really different from Sofia Helin. Can’t wait for season !

  2. These actors are very different from their parts. Watch the numerous Youtubes, switch on the English subtitles if they are not already speaking English. In one Sofia Helin slips into Saga in a heartbeat and it really flusters the interviewer. Everybody seems to like the Saga persona, roots for her.

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