DVD | Pocahontas – 1995

pocahontas dvdWalt Disney Classics’ Pocahontas is set in the seventeenth-century Virginia, where a young woman – Pocahontas – lives with her tribe in the pristine forests. When an English ship arrives, the Indians most protect their land against the vicious men who claims it’s his land. In the mean time Pocahontas, who’s also the daughter of the Algonquin chief, falls in love with one of those English soldiers, John Smith.

  • Voices: Irene Bedard, Mel Gibson, Christian Bale, Judy Khun
  • Dutch voices: Pia Douwes, Peter Blok, Ernst Daniël Smid
  • Director: Mike Gabriel and Eric Goldberg
  • Writing credits: Mike Gabriel, Carl Binder, Susannah Grant
  • Music by: Alan Menken
  • Genre: Animation, history, romance, drama
  • Runtime: 81 minutes

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