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Review | Hart of Dixie – Season 4

After three seasons it wasn’t certain if the tv-series Hart of Dixie would continue at all. The show did get a green light for a fourth season, but it also is the final season. Season four started mid December 2014 in the US, and in September 2015 the Dutch fans could finally continue watching the show! Season three ended with Lemon leaving on a ‘love cruise’ while Zoe confessed her love to Wade. After this I was really interested to see how things would continue! Does Lemon return with a new lover and are Zoe and Wade really meant to be? And what about the perhaps emerging rivalry between George and Lavon?

Season four of Hart of Dixie is all about finding love. There’s no real drama anymore and the writers really have worked towards a happy ending for every character. The last season also regained some of its old spark, which I loved. The fourth season was only 10 episodes long, but it was way better than the third season with 22 episodes. It even was sometimes ‘lough-out-loud’ funny, which never was during the last season. There’s a pregnancy, marriages and a lot of love; old and new. And the female characters look as good as ever in their amazing outfits!

hart of dixie season 4 finale

Rachel Bilson plays again the lovely doctor Zoe Hart. For Zoe there’s no drama this season and she’s less annoying as she was in the earlier seasons. There’s only love, even a new sort of friendship with archrival Lemon and of course a very happy ending for the doctor in town and the man she confessed her love to: Wade (Wilson Bethel). Lemon (Jaime King) has returned from her love cruise and she’s back with a man. This turns out to be one of Lemon’s tricks, but both George (Scott Porter) and Lavon (Cress Williams) don’t like this situation and want to find out what Lemon is up to. This leads to a very angry Lemon and in the mean time George realises something. But eventually these three characters find their ‘true love’. For Lemon and Lavon it’s hard at first to open up to love, because of a third-party. George and Annabeth (Kaitlyn Black) have to deal with old feelings before they can start over. At the beginning of the season I would never have thought George and Annabeth would end up with the person they end up with in the end. However during the season they both grow towards the other person and that’s a really nice process. Also Doctor Brick Breeland (Tim Matheson) gets his happy ending, since someone returns.

Like I mentioned before, this season is all about giving the main characters a proper ending by giving them someone to love. Zoe is working at the doctor’s practice, but it’s not something of great importance. But because of Zoe’s condition, that doesn’t really matter. How she and Wade interact together and try to make it together is way more interesting. Since Annabeth and Lemon left the Bells, we don’t hear much about them. We do see more of the new leader of the Bells, Crickett (Brandi Burkhardt) who also finds love this season. It’s not that the characters are searching for it, it just happens to them. That’s why I loved it, it’s not forced or too staged. Wanda (Mallory Moy) and Tom Long (Ross Philips) are still my favourite side characters. They are a lovely couple and quite hilarious. Especially Tom, who does a lot for the town Bluebell, is a funny character. The episode where he got sick and other people of Bluebell need to fill in for him, is priceless.

An other interesting storyline involves George. George is a lawyer but he has found a new hobby. Since season one we knew he can sing and loves music, but in this last season he actually starts making a job out of his hobby. This is were other old characters pop up. Remember George’s ex Tansy Truitt and her weird and silly brothers? Well it turns out that they are quite talented in making music. Just like Lemon’s ex Meatball (Matt Low), who has a nice voice. For them it’s not about finding love but being musical. And it’s George’s job to manage them, in Nashville.

It’s obvious season four ends well for everyone. It’s a nice end to a nice show, but the last scene might be too much for some. Think of the tv-series Glee, singing, dancing and happy people and you know what I’m talking about! It’s good the writers wanted a proper ending for all the characters, but it was bit too rushed. What did you’ll thought about this last season? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Review | Hart of Dixie – Season 4

  1. I would have preferred a full season to really make up for the season 3 debacle, and suss out the other relationships like Lemon/Lavon and especially AB/George. They really could not do those relationships the justice they deserved in such a short time so they felt a bit contrived. With that being said, I think Leila and team did the best they could with the 10 episodes. I enjoyed 95% of it and try to not dwell on the things I wish they would have done different (and there were things). Yes, the end was cheesy, but so was the whole show. I liked it. Other things bugged me more like not naming the baby and not having Wade hold his son. It could be worse, it could have ended at the end of Season 3. That would have been the worst.

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