Halloween Gift Set

As a film fan I love to buy new films, but I also love to win stuff! Not so long ago I anticipated in a contest of the Dutch site Sweetmovies, and I won this amazing Halloween gift set!! Filled t-shirts, blood bags, lanterns, three notebooks in the style of Poltergeist and of course a lot of dvds!!! Enough for more than one horror nights! Halloween Gift Set

But to be precise, what did I won? Note: Some are not related to the horror genre. I also got a few other dvds from other win actions! I’m such a lucky girl!

  • Three Poltergeist Notebooks;
  • Three Poltergeist T-shirts;
  • Five Insidous Chapter 2 ‘bloodbags’;
  • Three Insidius Chapter 2 Lantarns;
  • Notebook Code M;
  • USB stick Code M;
  • DVD American Horror Story Season 3;
  • Blu-ray Resident Evil: Retribution;
  • Blu-ray Evil Dead;
  • Bllu-ray Hellboy & Hellboy Golden Army;
  • Blu-ray Zombieland;
  • DVD Out of the Dark;
  • DVD Incendies;
  • DVD Cooties;
  • DVD Unfriended;
  • DVD Insidious Chapter 3;
  • DVD Riddick;
  • DVD Prisoners;
  • DVD End of Watch;
  • DVD Spy.

More than enough films for future reviews!


2 thoughts on “Halloween Gift Set

  1. Can’t you change your bio into: My name is Evelyn, I’m 26 years old, I live in the Netherlands AND I AM A PRETTY LUCKY GIRL!

    Congratulations with this nice expansion of your DVD collection. I don’t know if you’ve seen Prisoners because I think that’s the best movie of them.

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