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Review | Falco – Season 2

Writing for a film website really has its perks. I saw the first season of Falco on the Dutch television and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. Therefore I was very happy that, besides the first season, I also received the second season from Undercover-Network!

After the events of the first season, detective Alexandre Falco found out who has shot a bullet in his head, 22 years ago. Troubled, upset and with various hallucinations Falco tries to do his work as a detective in Paris as good as possible. However, Falco is determined to find out the whole truth on the attack. Together with his colleague Romain Chevalier he goes on an investigation. Does Falco get the answers he hopes for, or does he only get more questions?falco s2 chevalier

Back in season two is Sagamore Stévenin, who plays the lead character Alexandre Falco, the detective who had been in a come for 22 years after a serious attack. After his discovery it’s very clear he’s not himself anymore. Falco has hallucinations and his psychiatrist is gone and no one knows where she is.  Also, Falco doesn’t reply with his amazing ‘super’, when he’s asked how he feels. Compared to the first season, Falco seems more labile and quite violent at some moments. When you think about it, that’s not more than logical considering what he has discovered lately. But to find out the whole truth Falco must continue his investigation, which results in a dramatic turn of events. It’s a shame though we haven’t learn more about this whole situation at the end of the season. Season 1 already showed who has shot Falco, but there are more questions than answers. However, there is a brief conversation between Falco and someone from a different unit, who tells Falco he knows more about the attack.

Falco’s partner in crime is Romain Chevalier, played by Clément Manuel. The detective who wants to work by the book, wants to help Falco with his personal investigation as well. The chemistry between the two men is less present, which is partly due to the progression of the story. But fortunately, there are plenty of fun moments which makes you laugh. To give the character Chevalier a bit more depth, he gets a very noticeable girlfriend: Joy. The storyline surrounding Chevalier and his mother, who wants to see her son with a woman, is quite comical. The combination Joy and Romain however is a bit unconvincing. During the first season Alexia Barlier’s character Eva, was quite flat. unfortunately Eva still hadn’t much to offer. Her emotions on the other hand might be evident and convincing, but besides just doing her job, Eva doesn’t have much to say.

Commissioner Ménard didn’t add much value in season one, until the cliffhanger, but that has changed. After Falco’s discovery, Ménard’s mood has visibly changed. We learn more about the man, who’s supposed to be Falco’s best friend. Unfortunately, Falco still needs more answers – and so do we. Why did Ménard do what he did, what was his part and why has he abandoned his family? Questions that hopefully get their answers in the next season. We see Falco’s family on a regularly base, but it’s less interesting than it was last season. Falco’s wife Carole (Mathilde Lebrequer) and her boyfriend Philippe Cheron (Franck Monsigny) are temporarily separated and therefore the rivalry between Falco and Cheron is less forthcoming. Thereby, Cheron has moved his frustrations to Carole, who still doesn’t know how to deal with the situation. Not much has changed there.

Falco s2

Besides Falco’s personal investigation, every episode he and his team must solve a crime. These murder cases are again well constructed and are more interesting and intense this second season. Not necessarily in terms of violence, but because of the subject. From a tortured war criminal to religious assembled murders. In fact, the whole series look a bit heavier because of Falco’s personal drama and how he deals with it. He becomes more unstable and violent, meaning he often shows his pistol and seems to consciously seeks the danger. But in the end he and Chevalier always succeed. The series does have an amazing and dramatic cliffhanger. A cliffhanger you do see coming, but still hopes that what could happen doesn’t really happen.

The second season of the French crime series Falco is more violent and intense than the first season. Alexandre Falco looks more unstable, has hallucinations and is still looking for the truth behind his attack. Unfortunately we don’t get many new answers. The homicides are again well constructed and are more interesting and intense. The actors play their characters very well, though I’m still hoping for a more interesting story of Eva’s character. The series ends again with a huge and dramatic cliffhanger. One of the detectives lives will change forever. Season 3 can’t come soon enough!

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