POLL | What’s your favourite film for a Horror night?

Happy Halloween 🙂

Since it’s almost Halloween, I thought of making a new poll!! And this time I would like to know everyone’s most favourite Halloween / Horror film! Which film makes you wan to run to your bed in case someone is following you? Or which horror film is so scary you have to switch on all the lights?

I would like to hear some recommendations for the most scary horror night! You could chose from those I’ve put in the in the poll below, but you are free to add others by simply clicking ‘other’! Read my review on Scream: The TV Series to get in the right mood!


9 thoughts on “POLL | What’s your favourite film for a Horror night?

    1. Oh Yes. good one! The original version, not the one with Christian Bale of course 😉 Haven’t seen it yet, but I also love Hitchcock!

      1. Yes, the original Hitchcock version, not the remake or Anerican Psycho with Christian Bale. You must see it soon! 🙂

  1. I would have to go for a slightly underrated one which is The Devil’s Rejects (sequel to House of 1000 corpses). It’s has blood, gore, action and most important; some more than freaky bastards including one of the most disturbing clowns.

    1. Oh nooo!! No clowns 😉 I’ve never heard of that one, but I will add it to my horror list 🙂

    1. The Shining is indeed a good one!! It freaked me out when I saw it all those years ago! For a long time thought Jack Nicholson was the most scary man on Earth!

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