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Review | Buried – 2010

What I knew about the film Buried before watching, is only the fact that some guy got buried alive. Which is definitely my worst nightmare since this I saw this film.

Paul Conroy is an American truck driver working in Iraq. After an attack by a group of ‘terrorists’ he wakes to find he is buried alive inside a wooden coffin. With only a lighter and a cell phone it’s a race against time to escape this claustrophobic death trap.buriedThe main character of the film is Paul Conroy, played by Ryan Reynolds. Paul is in fact the only actor we actually see during the entire film. It is therefore up to Reynolds to carry this film with limited resources. Limited because his character stays in one place during this 95-minute during film – a coffin – and with few light sources. I don’t know about camera light, but the only other lights we see come from Paul’s lighter, telephone, a flashlight and a weird plastic thing I don’t know how to call that. I thought it was filmed in a brilliant way, you can almost sense how small the space was.

An other interesting character is negotiator Dan Brenner, who is voiced by Robert Paterson. We never get to see this Dan, but we do get to hear his voice quite often. He is the one Paul calls for help and the one who is supposed to get Paul out of the coffin and alive. Dan stays very calm all the time to comfort Paul, and his final conversation to Paul is really heartbraking. You can hear both hope as regret. Another person who did an amazing job by just using her voice is actress Samantha Mathis, who played Paul’s wife Linda Conroy. There was so much emotion in just her voice and to think about that loving conversation between Paul and Linda and knowing the end, is truly tear jerking.

Before watching Buried, I had some expectations about the film and how it could end. After all it’s an American production. My first surprise came at the beginning of the film. It starts all black and I was like: “Already? Is this guy already buried, no intro whatsoever?” We might not get an introduction at the start, but we do find out all about Paul and his situation. In fact I think it’s better the writers did it this way, it keeps the audience guessing for a while and interested. Piece by piece you find out what happened to Paul and why this is happening. Not sure where he is, Paul Conroy finds himself tied up in a box with only a lighter within his reach. After a few moments of exploring the box, really bad, he got called. It’s interesting he didn’t find the mobile and the bag during his first investigation. But that could be because of the tiny coffin and the lack of proper light and therefore couldn’t move properly.buried12806After some calls he finaly ends up with a smart person: Dan Brenner who’s a negotiator. Seriously, some people are just really stupid and some are just mean! Only looking out for themselves. Some of the phonecalls Paul made were quite annoying, because of the stupidity of some people. But I thought Paul also wasn’t one of the smartest persons. I mean language settings on the phone?? And seriously, for a guy who takes pills for his anxiety he was really calm when he suddenly saw a snake. Only in the beginning, when he didn’t really understood what was happening, Paul was really freaking out. There where a few moments which scares me or made me sad. At the beginning of the film I didn’t really feel Paul’s pain, fear or despair. The lack of light could be negative thing too, because you couldn’t see Ryan Raynolds’ facial expressions very good. He did get frustrated a lot though. But closer to the end of the film it looks like Reynolds gets better in his role and I started caring for him. The conversation with his wife was heartbreaking just like the surprising end.


4 thoughts on “Review | Buried – 2010

  1. This is litterally a guy in a box for about 90 minutes…and it had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. This was such a great movie!

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