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Review | Furious 7 – 2015

On this sixth day of the Fast & Furious week, I have an actual review for you! The latest film in the franchise, Furious 7, is finally out in stores and it’s already part of my Blu-Ray collection! For me the seventh film is a bit more emotional because of the death of one of its stars: Paul Walker. The film got postponed and was partly rewritten to give Walker’s character a proper ending.

Furious 7 starts where the previous film ends: with Jason Statham’s character. Deckard Shaw is out for revenge after Dominic Toretto and his crew killed his brother Owen. On the other hand, Dom seeks revenge for the death of Han, who got killed in Tokyo. The only problem is, Deckard is a ‘ghost’ or a ‘shadow’ and a even bigger villain than his brother was. It’s almost impossible to find him and that’s were an other special team comes in, led by Mr. Nobody. Together they go on a quest to find a special device and try to deal with Deckard and another vicious crew at the same time. Furious-7-2015-Movie-Wide-Wallpaper

The familiar actors have all returned for this seventh installment in the franchise, where cars are almost as important as the ones who drive them. Vin Diesel – who is also producer of the film – is back as Dominic Toretto, the muscled family man. If someone hurts his family, Dom hits back, hard. But also Deckard Shaw is someone who hits back when you hurt his family. Shaw is played by action hero Jason Statham, the latest addition to the cast. Statham is amazing in his action films so I was already certain he would do great in this film, and he did. Statham plays the big bad brother of Owen (Luke Evans), who got killed by Dom and his crew in the previous film. He was also an assassin so he knows how to survive and has a lot of fighting skills. These fighting scenes between Deckard Shaw and Dom look pretty impressive, it’s like an old fashioned street fight. However, Shaw also knows his way with the more harmful techniques. Shaw’s only mission during this film is dealing with Dom, so where Dom is, Shaw pops up as well. Pretty hilarious at some points! Paul Walker is also back in the film which is also his very last. Brian O’Conner now has a family, but he does struggles with this new life. The way his character Brian O’Conner was written off, is amazing. I feel like this was the best way to end his storyline: Peaceful. It was emotional though, but also very beautiful.

One other beautiful thing was the storyline between Dom and Letty, played by Michelle Rodriguez. In Furious 6 we found out that Letty wasn’t dead after all, but she did have memory loss. In Furious 7 we really see her struggle with her life and her relation with Dom. It was very interesting to see this more soft side of Letty, since she always was the rough fighter.  Jordana Brewster is, of course, also back. Her character Mia Toretto is this time even more of a supporting role. Since she has a child with Brian now, her son Jack comes first. But besides the emotional and heavy side of the film, there was also time for some laughs. The characters of Dwayne Johnson, Ludacris and Tyrese Gibson are all funny in their own way. I Always thought Roman (Gibson)  was the funny guy of the team, and this time we see that side even more. Also Tej’s (Ludacris) comments makes the actions of Roman even more hysterical. Johnson’s character Agent Hobbs is even more muscular than Dom and he might be an FBI Agent, you should not mess with him either! Hobbs doesn’t play a huge part in this film, but when we see him – especially near the end – he shows us why he is part of the Fast & Furious team!

There were also some new faces besides Jason Statham. Game of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel plays the gorgeous hacking damsel in distress, and Mixed Martial Arts fighter Ronda Rousey plays some bodyguard. Rousey has a really small role, but I do want to say something about her. Her fighting skills are truly brilliant, of course that shouldn’t have to be a surprise. But I’m happy her part is quite limited. In Furious 6 we saw fellow fighter Gina Carano in an actual role, but besides her amazing fighting skills, she’s not a great actress. Rousey only had one line to say, and that was enough screen time for me! There’s also another group of villains, amongst them is Jakande – played by Djimon Hounsou. We know he and his mates are there, but the true villain is Shaw, no matter what. The man who recruits Dom and his crew to take these villains down, is Kurt Russell’s character. Mr nobody does have some nice shooting skills and I think it would be nice to see him back in the eighth film.


This film shouldn’t be a true Fast & Furious film, if the action was not ridiculously spectacular. There were some discussions about the fact that the action isn’t scientific credible, but who cares? Who doesn’t love flying cars? Or see cars jumping from building to building or falling from a mountain cliff? Of course some action scenes are ridiculous, but the camera work is really well! It can make you almost believe that it’s real after all. But it was good that the film also had a street race. Besides the action there was also a good storyline. Like I mentioned before, for some the film could a bit more emotional because of Paul’s death, but the way the writers handled it was brilliant. We saw some amazing shots from the first and third film. That’s were things got funny, since the third film in the franchise, Tokyo Drift, is actually the film between the sixth and seventh film. It’s was pretty cool to see a scene from Tokyo Drift brought into Furious 7, combined with a new scene where we see Dom and Sean Boswell – played by Lukas Black – together. But the complete storyline of the film made it also more touching than the previous films.

Furious 7 is once more a spectacular action film with ridiculous car stunts, but they are all showed very good! Jason Statham is a true action hero and proves to be a true villain in this film. Like in most films with Statham, we get to see some impressive fighting skills. Besides Statham’s character, the film has more villains. However those guys are less interesting in some way. The main characters are the ones we want to see and watch themdo the most amazing things with their cars. The film might be more emotional regarding Paul Walker’s death and the use of shots from previous films. It was also interesting to see a different side of Letty, regarding her memory loss. The film doesn’t have a cliffhanger like Furious 6 had, but the ending could mean some more screen time for Jason Statham! I’ll be back tomorrow with more news regarding Furious 8 in the Fast & Furious week!


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