Fast & Furious Week | An Introduction

After more than ten years and seven films, the famous car franchise – The Fast and the Furious – is still immensely popular. Every new film adds more action to it and more spectacular stunts. And now it’s time for the DVD release of the seventh film! Furious 7 is in store since this week and therefore I thought it would be a fun hing to dedicate a whole week to this amazing franchise! A franchise which became more popular with every new film, filled with the nicest cars and craziest stunts. During this first day of the Fast & Furious week, I give you an introduction to the story and let you know the subjects I will write about.

Paul Walker

Like I mentioned before, the franchise filled with action and cars consists of seven films – at this moment! The first film is The Fast and the Furious and came out in 2001. In this film the street races were quite innocent. The franchise starts when the blond, young police agent Brian O’Conner – played by Paul Walker – goes on an undercover mission in the world of street races. During his mission he meets a lot of different people, amongst them is Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), and they become close friends. At the end, Brian needs to make a choice between obeying the law and his newfound friends. This leads to the fact that we have to miss Vin Diesel’s character for almost two films! In the sequel, Brian tries to rebuild his good reputation with the help of his old friend Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson). Together they go on an undercover mission in Miami. However, the criminal life appeals to Brian a lot more and in the next film we see Brian, Dom and the others have to run for the cops and the FBI. Eventually they realise they don’t want  to  run anymore, so they in return for their freedom they have to work together with the FBI to stop an even more vicious gang. Their happiness and freedom is of short notice when Han got killed in Tokyo. This is the moment when the third connects to the sixth film and we got to part 7: Furious 7.

During this Fast & Furious week I will discuss all the seven films, but tomorrow I will start with the description of the actors and their characters who made the franchise such a success.  Thereafter comes the films. On the third day of the Fast & Furious week I go 10 years back in time and discuss the first two films: The Fast and the Furious– where we meet the four most important characters – and 2 Fast 2 Furious. In this first sequel two other interesting crew members get their first introduction. You can read everything about these films and the characters on the third day of the Fast & Furious week. Fast five

We skip the third film The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, made in 2006, because of chronologic reasons. The story of Tokyo Drift takes place after the sixth film, and not after 2 Fast 2 Furious. So the fourth day is all about the fourth, fifth and sixth film. The fourth film – Fast & Furious is the first film with an actual storyline with a cliffhanger, and Fast Five and Furious 6 are sequels which are an actual continuation of the story. In Fast Five the complete crew of Dom is in Rio de Janeiro where they have to deal with the FBI, led by a new and important character: Agent Hobbs. And in the meantime they have to focus on a very special job. In Furious 6 we learn why the crew moves to London and agrees to help the FBI. On the fifth day of the Fast & Furious week we have reached the third film: Tokyo Drift. This film takes place in – no surprise – Tokyo and has a complete different cast. Why this film comes after Furious 6 is explained on day five.

On the sixth day I finally have a review for you! Furious 7 will be out in stores this week so I can add it to my DVD collection. The film was a big success for Universal, moneywise. But is the story also worth watching or is the best thing of the film the ridiculous stunts? I will share my thoughts on the film on day six. When we have talked about the films and the actors, there’s only one thing left: a preview of the next film(s). I will end this Fast & Furious week with a preview of the eight film in the franchise. During this day we also look back on the actor who was for a big part responsible for its success: Paul Walker. And also, did his character leave the franchise in a dignified way? I hope I made you all very enthusiastic about this Fast & Furious week, the films and in particularly Furious 7!


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