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Review | Lava – 2015

Two weeks ago, on July first, I had the opportunity to watch Inside Out during a pre screening. Prior to this film, there was a short Pixar film attached, called Lava. I absolutely loved this romantic story about two volcanos in te blue ocean.

This five-minute animation film brings you to a tropical area surrounded by clear blue waters, where a romantic volcano is waiting for his one true love. The film consists entirely of a song which stays in your head and thereby brings you in a very good mood and also gives you the feeling you’re too in this beautiful and sunny place. Uku, the male volcano, looks upon different couples for years: clouds, dolphins, whales and turtles. He’s the only one who doesn’t have a special one to enjoy the beautiful view with. By singing his song, he hopes that one day a female volcano comes his way. Lava

The director of Lava is James Ford Murphy, who is not unfamiliar with the animated films from Pixar. However, Lava is his first job as a director. His work mainly consists of animator for Pixar films such as: Ratatouille, Cars, Finding Nemo and A Bug’s Life. The voices actors are Kuana Torres Kahele (Uku) and Napua Makua (Lele) as the two volcanoes. The song Uku sings is a very catchy one and brings you in the right mood for the film Inside Out. The animation itself is very beautiful made. The music and the colorful animation makes you almost believe you’ve truly landed in this tropical environment. Fun fact, the song is played an ukulele, which is a really nice references to the names of the two volcanoes.

Lava is a funny and beautiful animation film which makes your heart melt, unless you have a heart of stone. The moment Uku loses all hope on finding a true love, is both funny and touching. The voice of Kahele fits perfectly with the volcano – so far volcanoes have a voice – and is also a very good singing voice. My compliments also goes to the whole animation team! The animation looks very beautiful and credible! Whether this short film will be shown in every country in front of Inside Out, is the question. I really do hope so, because the film is a romantic adventure of two volcanoes nearby Hawaii in a beautiful tropical world, and it definitely gives a positive vibe for the film Inside Out.


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