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Review | Minions – 2015

Yesterday, June 26, I went to the pre screening of Minions with two fellow writers of Undercover-Network! You can read the Dutch review ‘here’.  But below you can read my review and thoughts on the film!

From the beginning, the Minions have lived to serve the biggest villain of them all. But it wasn’t always easy to take good care of their master. After years of serving several baddies, the Minions have started a quiet life. In the beginning they are happy, but it doesn’t take long before the first depressive feelings occur. Because without a master, their lives are kind of meaningless. The most brave Minion, Kevin, can’t stand it any longer and together with Stuart and Bob, he goes on an adventure. Their mission to find a new villain to serve, eventually takes them to Orlando, where a ‘villain con’ takes place. Is this the place to be for these three brave Minions?Minions Orlando

After the films Despicable me and its sequel, comes the prequel and spin-off: Minions. The Minions where in those two film super villain Gru’s (Steve Carell) little helpers in yellow. But because of their huge popularity, it was time to give them their own film! I have only seen the first film, but since the beginning I was in love with these yellow creatures in their blue outfit. They have their own babbling language, but when you listen carefully you can hear a combination of several languages, which is really funny sometimes. The prequel / spin-off shows us the start of the Minions, why they wear those blue outfits and how they end up with Gru. It was nice to finally see Gru at the end, but it also was a very short moment for him, maybe too short. We do see how the Minions ‘meet’ Gru, but we don’t know how they in fact become his minions. It’s clear though the Minions are impressed by Gru.

I think it’s almost impossible to have missed a trailer, but if you haven’t seen one then don’t! I’ve only seen one trailer but that one covers almost the first 10 minutes of the film. Of course the part in the film is more expanded, but we already see in the trailer every bad guy the Minions have served for and why they need to find a new master. That’s also the reason why I thought this was the least funny part of the film. But don’t worry. The film offers a lot of funny moments, some maybe a bit silly, but it’s definitely entertaining. However, I’m not sure if the jokes remain funny when watching the film a second time. All the funny parts from the trailer didn’t really make me laugh like the first time. I did have one or two ‘laughing out loud’ moments, but too few in my opinion. Of course the three Minions Kevin, Stuart and Bob are most of the time really funny in the way they do things, but I was less impressed by the overall story regarding Scarlett. minions scarlett

Scarlett Overkill, voice by Sandra Bullock, is the first female super-villain and of course the three minions Kevin, Stuart and Bob – all voiced by Pierre Coffin, who’s also the film’s producer – want to serve her. Kevin is the leader of the pack who came up with this mission, Stuart the most lazy and uninterested one and Bob is with his bear really adorable! When they learn where Scarlett will be, they hitchhike from New York to Orlando with villain family Nelson to the ‘Villain Con’ in Orlando – which is a nice reference to Comic Con and the most important hall: Hall H. There are also references to The Beatles, Sydney – which was hilarious – and the moon landing, which is mostly understandable for the adults.

When Kevin, Stuart and Bob manage to win Scarlett’s heart and become her little helpers, she wants them to prove themselves. Scarlett, who has already taken the Minions to London, always wanted to become a Princess. To become one, she wants them to steal the Queen’s crown. But the three Minions won’t go on a mission without some gadgets provided by Herb Overkill (voiced by Jon Hamm), the husband and inventor. It’s not a surprise that things go not according to plan. England has lost their Queen and Scarlett is not happy, not at all! The Minions, not knowing what they have done wrong, are now on Scarlett’s wanted list. After the work is done and all the Minions are reunited, we finally get a glimpse of Gru. Like I mentioned before, that scene was way too short and it doesn’t really show us how they became Gru’s minions at all. Only that they want to be his helpers. minions banana

The prequel / spin-off The Minions, was really entertaining and the three main Minions really made me laugh. I only hoped to have more ‘laugh out loud’ moments. I really love the Minions, but a short film with ony sketchesalso work for me, filled with their clumsiness and their babbling language. The overall storyline with Scarlett Overkill didn’t really impress me, though it also had some funny moments. But maybe my level of expectation was too high to find it more entertaining. The film was in 3D, but it didn’t really add anything. Sometimes you did see some 3D effects, but I was definitely not impressed by it. Nevertheless, the film is both for children as adults really entertaining! I saw the original version – in English – but I’m also interested to see how the Dutch version is!


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