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Review | Jurassic World – 2015

Last night I went to the cinema with my best friend and we both were very enthusiastic to see Jurassic World and the big dinosaurs back on the big screen! I haven’t seen the orignal three films in a while, but nevertheless it was obvious the makers of this fourth dinosaur film, wanted to honour these.

Jurassic World is open! 22 years after the events of the film Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar is now the homeland of a complete functioning Dinosaur theme park. Jurassic World, as originally envisioned by John Hammond – played by the late Richard Attenborough in the orignal film – has operated successfully for 10 years. But since the number of visitors decreases, they need to add something new to the park. In a special lab, DNA has been mixed and a new dinosaur is created: the Indominus Rex. Of course this new attraction backfires horribly and a special team is brought together to save the visitors and the lives of the other dinosaurs.

jurassic world

Steven Spielberg returned, but this time as the executive producer. The original soundtrack was composed by John Williams and it was truly amazing to hear his old tune among Michael Giacchino’s new score. Besides these two facts, I will not compare the film anymore with its predecessor. The new writers of this new film have given us an amazing new dinosaur experience! It is slightly predictable, but that doesn’t really matter. The landscape and dinosaurs look really amazing and very real. The main characters in Jurassic World are the park’s manager Claire, and Velociraptor care taker Owen. Claire is played by Bryce Dallas Howard (The Help) who is a tough business woman at first, but transforms into this woman on a quest to save her two nephews. Her idea of this rescue plan was quite funny. Instead of swapping her high heals for sneakers, she rolls op her blouse. Like that’s going to work and that’s the same thing her partner Owen thinks. Seeing Claire running on her heels, was really something recognizable: It’s like how I run on heels and it looks ridiculously funny. And the fact that while filming nobody touched Claire’s hair was a delight! From nice, straight hair it goes to fluffy, untamed hair. Very credible! 

Owen is played by Chris Pratt, who has his big break due to Guardians of the Galaxy. Owen plays someone who is very concerned about the welfare of his animals, the velociraptors, and is very fond of them. But he also knows they are beasts who can’t be tamed. Owen is a man on a mission and in contrast to Guardians of the Galaxy, he is more serious and less of a ladies man. Once Owen got asked to look at a new ‘residence’, things got out of control and he teams-up with Claire to find and save her nephews. You might think Pratt’s character is the big hero of the film, but in my opinion he’s only one of them. When you realize who actually defeats the big bad, well that’s pretty amazing! Or you could say that dinosaurs are all killing machines…jurassic world chris pratt

The most funny character is Lowery, played by jake Johnson. He works at the park and keeps track on the dinosaurs. His first scene was a nice reference to te first film: Jurassic Park. Claire didn’t like Lowery’s shirt, because you know what happened the first time… Irrfan Khan’s character was also a memorable and sometimes funny person. He singed on to make a new species, but he wasn’t aware of what the people in the lab would create. Claire’s nephews are played by newcomers Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson. It was nice to see that their adventure to the island was good for their bonding process as brothers. During their ‘off-road’ adventure they see some amazing things but also very scary ones and they have to run and jump! 

After seeing the first trailer, I had my doubts about the dinosaurs. Will they look real enough to believe it? Seeing the film I wasn’t disappointed. Sometime you can really tell when animals and other creatures are made with the computer and afterwards put into the film. In that case, the actors can not truly interact with them. When this is not properly done you can see that when they try to touch it, their hands don’t ‘match’ with the animals. But Pratt’s character Owen really touched the dinosaurs, so the techniques were amazing. Also, like I mentioned before, the dinosaurs looked pretty real to me. Owen actually did sort of bond with his four velociraptors and you could really see some affection in the way they put their heads. It looked very sweet sometimes, just like a dog! There was one very sad moment regarding the death of one dinosaur and what follows was even more sad. This scene was also a very beautiful reference to Jurassic Park. The special attractions in the theme park made me think of Disney World meets San Diego Zoo: riding a dinosaur, an ‘orca’ water show, canoeing and a ride through the landscape in a bubble. luckily for the visitors, the crisis is happening far away and the only time they notice something’s wrong, is because of some very freaky birds, who like to ‘play’. When it’s all hands on deck, Hoskins (Vincent D’Onofrio) has his own plan to solve the crisis. Of course it’s an absurd plan and Owen thinks he’s crazy, but nevertheless they give it a try. I mean how would you catch a DNA mixed dinosaur with all kinds of character traits? 

jurassic world chris and Bryce

The only critical point, is the 3D. I never really liked watching films in 3D, but in this film it had no value and was more a hindrance. When I think about it, they should made us fly between the birds or ride and swim with the dinosaurs! That would be epic. But nevertheless the film is pretty epic as well. The technic, the storyline, the characters, the little reference to the original film and of course the amazing dinosaurs! It’s a shame that people never learn and once more we have a devastated and bankrupt theme park. Chris Pratt as the velociraptor ‘whisperer’ did an amazing job and he and Bryce Dallas Howard had a good chemistry. I wonder if there’s going to be a sequel and how that story will be. Because the way I see it, it will be pretty hard to come up with a new epic story which draws people to the theatres. However, I won’t say no to a night of dinosaurs! Bring it on!



2 thoughts on “Review | Jurassic World – 2015

  1. I was very impressed with Jurassic world and I can’t wait to see it again. It’s a little bit early to say but this might be the number one movie for me this year allthough I expect that Star Wars will crush any other movie this year 🙂

    1. I expect that as well!! May the Force be with you! 😉 Thought Ant-man was already better than Jurassic World, since it’s a sort of new story. Jurassic World is actual pretty much the same but with better technology 😉

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