Game of Thrones: The Exhibition


We’ve all heard of Game of Thrones, the hugely popular tv-series on pay channel HBO. Game of Thrones is set in a fictional world where dragons and zombies belong to reality. The series, based on the book by George R.R Martin, has already delivered five seasons of ten episodes each. During these five seasons we saw how different families fight for the Iron Throne and that in the meantime the most courageous men and scum in the north, fight against the rising danger that will come when the winter comes. As the family Stark likes to say: Winter is coming. I shall not talk too much about the series itself, because this article is about the Game of Thrones Exhibition where I was last Thursday, May 28 2015

From the start I’ve followed all episodes. I’ve never read George R. R. Martin’s books, but who knows in the future. Last year I first heard of this exhibition, where various costumes and objects of the seasons are shown. Unfortunately at that time I was too late, but now I was there on time. Situated in Amsterdam, I was able to enjoy myself for an hour with staring at various costumes and props. To end my visit I went to the shop. Of course I could not leave without taking anything, so I bought a t-shirt!

2015-05-28 Game Of Thrones exhibit (11) 2015-05-28 Game Of Thrones exhibit (13)

Before entering the exhibition, you could join a family through the site which gave you access to interactive features. I choose for House Stark because I’m a big fan of Sansa’s character, played in the series by Sophie Turner. The left picture above shows one of the dresses of Sansa Stark and the outfit of Arya Stark. The right picture shows two dresses of Daenerys Targaryen and the costume of Daario Naharis. Unfortunately, the choice of a house didn’t have any impact on the interactive elements, which I shall discuss later on. We were told to be present at least 30 minutes before the start of the exhibition to get a full experience. This ‘full experience’ was more a half-hour wait in a very long row. While waiting you could make friends though, but some entertainment, images or music would have been nice. Occasionally we saw promotional images of HBO itself, containing fragments of Game of Thrones.

At 14:00 I finally could enter the exhibition and I immediately walked up to the Oculus Rift. This part was definitely the most amazing part of the exhibition! The Oculus Rift gives you a 4D virtual reality experience which brings you to the top of the Wall at Castle Black. You are standing in a cage, see the photo below, and get a huge device on your head and headphones on your ears. When you are ready you’ll see that you’re standing in the elevator and are heading for the high, windy and cold top. You will actually feel that it gets colder and more windy. Once at the top the elevator doors open and you see a breathtaking white landscape. What happens next is both amazing as scary! You jump, though I thought I was falling, in the snow after getting a giant fireball in your face! I was serious waving my hands to get those flames away. It ended all to soon, but it was a very enjoyable experience! I missed some adventure and White Walkers though.

2015-05-28 Game Of Thrones exhibit (16) 

The other two interactive moments, for which you needed a unique code were less exciting. One was a photo opportunity where three photos of you were made for a green screen. Result? Me as a zombie with blue eyes, see the picture above. It was a shame that the camera was locked on a certain hight. That way you couldn’t do any poses you want. The other part gave you the opportunity to make a very short film, also for a green screen, where you were put into flames by a dragon. Making the film itself was way more fun than the result. In addition to these interactive features, there was the ability to sit on the Iron Throne and take your photo moment. I understand that many people want to do this,  but you had to be very fast. Therefor I ony have pictures which are slightly out of focus.

Of course there was still enough time to see all the costumes and other objects. Whether this were all replicas I’m not sure, but I do think so. All the items were contained behind glass, except for a ridiculously large sword, which I obviously took a photo with. The costumes attracted me the most. It was really nice to see the dresses up close. I would love to have a dress like the one of Daenerys Targaryen for myself. An object which caught my attention was the hand of Jaime Lannister, which looked very shiny. Below you can see the costumes, which looked pretty spectacular with the background. On the left we see, from left to right, the costume of a ‘Wildling’, Jon Snow’s outfit and his best friend, Samwell Tarly. On the right we see the familiar red dress of Melisandre, and the costume of “the true king ‘Stannis Baretheon.

2015-05-28 Game Of Thrones exhibit (8) 2015-05-28 Game Of Thrones exhibit (9)

Obviously, I made more pictures but these are my top favorites. This exhibition was for me an amazing experience, with the Oculus Rift as my favourite part. I do think only the true diehard fans of the series will really enjoy. It was also nice to se the diversity in age. The oldest woman I talked to was 87 years and just came out the Oculus Rift, which she really enjoyed! The Game of Thrones Exhibition in Amsterdam has ended, but there might be more exhibitions to come in other European cities! For more photos ‘Click here’


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