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Versatile Blogger Award Nomination!!

the-versatile-blogger-awardThis is my second time I got nominated for an award and I’m very happy about it! It’s amazing to get some recognition with my film and tv-series blog. So thank you Grog & Gog from Grog’s Movie Blogs for nominating me! Just like me they discuss a lot of films and tv-series. But they also write about games and have weekly articles which are very nice to read! So, another blog worth following! 🙂

So, once we’re nominated we have to give seven facts about ourselves and then nominate fifteen other blogs. First, here are seven facts about me. Because I mainly write about films and tv-series, the most facts have to do with that subject!

  • My favourite tv show of last week was the Eurovision Song contest. I watch it almost every year – both the semi finals and the grand final – just to judge and have a fun night. This year my favourites were: Belgium, Estonia, Italy and Sweden. I was also very impressed by the song of the Czech Republic, but they didn’t make it to the grand final! Writing this post, I’m actually listening to all those songs!
  • The latest Blu-ray box set I bought, were the six Blu-rays of the Fast and the Furious franchise. The same week the seventh film will be out in stores, I will dedicate my blog to those films and review every film! Starting on Monday August 10.
  • My fan crush is Henry Cavill, even though he isn’t really an amazing actor. Although, I’m really looking forward to his upcoming films: The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Batman vs Superman.
  • I may write in English, but I’m no native. I was born in the Netherlands and I still live here. I started writing in English to make my blog more international and approachable for bloggers all around the world. It’s also a very good excercise to learn to write in the English language. But it’s a dream to live in the US or UK for a few months to work in the film business.
  • The only games I play are The Sims or Hayday on my phone. I never really liked to play video games, but I did love to watch my sister play “Mario Bros.” and other Nintendo games. I was really bad at it too and she was very good. I do like bord games a lot!
  • I have a love-hate relationship with films in the horror genre, especially the ones which involves ghosts. I always wants to see them but they do freak me out. I watch them with my hand over face, but with mu fingers spread so I can still watch everything! Slasher films on the other hand are most of the time more hilarious than scary. I also don’t have just one genre I love. If the film is good that’s all what matters.
  • As for my last fact about myself, I hate 3D. It never really has any value, or makes the film in any way better. Most of the time I leave the cinema with a big headache, so whenever a 3D film is also in 2D I choose the latter one. I do have a big collection of those 3D glasses you get. The best 3D film is in my opinion “Avatar”.

So these were the seven facts about me! Now I get to nominate other bloggers! According to the rules you can nominate at least fifteen fellow bloggers, but I just picked the ones I love the most and have the most interesting articles, not just film related.

Tim’s Film Reviews                                                                    Writer Loves Movies

Gareth Rhodes Film Reviews                                                    So, I Pondered

Mesh The Movie Freak                                                              Fast Film Reviews



Romance Novels for the Beach

Film Liefhebber


6 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award Nomination!!

  1. Did not know you were from the Netherlands.
    Reminds me of a blog I follow from japan. I didn’t know he was Japanese because I have google translate on automatic. So he was getting English comments from me and never mentioned anything until he got confused by a comment I left when google translate didn’t quite work. Apparently what I wrote after translation looked like some tripped out story of rainbows haha!

    Thanks for the nomination and congrats on winning it yourself 😀

    1. Hahah that’s why I don’t translate it automatic 😉 from English to Dutch never works so. And this way I learn English much better 🙂
      You’re welcome!! xd

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