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My very own Cinema Hazing

Like I’ve mentioned before, I just started writing film and series related articles for Dutch film, series and game site ‘Undercover-Network. This week my second post came online and it is about my first experience in a theatre or in other words, my Cinema Hazing. For my Dutch followers, you can click ‘here’ to read the Dutch version. For the others I would say continue reading and enjoy!

It was a very rainy and dreary day in November, 1993. I was approximately four years old and the first thing I remember of that day, was that is was cold and wet. Along with my parents and my sister I went to Amsterdam. First we parked the car and then we continued our trip to the theatre with the bus. The four of us went to the most beautiful theatre of the country: Pathé Tuschinski. In order to prevent a long wait to buy the tickets, my dad bought them the day before. We had the best seats: center forward on the balcony! I remember very well how impressed I was at the size of the theatre. Of course the perception has changed a bit now I’m an adult. 😉 My mother also told me how impressed me and my sister where by the size, the film, the music and how gorgeous everything was. I still think Pathé Tuschinkski is the most beautiful theater I’ve been. It doesn’t really look a typical cinema. The hall runs around a bit, making it look more like a theater than a cinema. That day the theater was also sold out which made it look grander with all those people.TuschinskiWell, of course you are now all very curious to find out to which film I went as a four-year-old girl. The first film I saw in a theater, is a film I still very much enjoy. It was of course a family film and it also was a Disney classic. Some of you might already have guessed it, since I have mentioned this in my ‘Who am I’ post. So, the film which gave me an incredible first theater experience, is Aladdin. Everyone probably knows the story, but for those who doesn’t here’s a short resume. It begins on a dark night, where a dark man waits… with a dark purpose. And then we meet Aladdin, a poor young man with his adorable monkey Abu who are living in the fictional Arabic city Agrabah. When they’re at a market Aladdin suddenly sees the beautiful woman Jasmine, who will turn his life upside down. Only disadvantage? Jasmine is a princess. When Aladdin ends up in a dungeon, he meets the mean and untrustworthy wizard Jafar. Because of him he finds himself trapped underneath the sand and all hope seems to be lost. Only then he finds out he’s in possession of a magical oil lamp, which is connected to the benign, blue genie. This Genie can grant Aladdin three wishes and one of them will be transforming Aladdin into a prince to increase his chances with princess Jasmine. unfortunately, Aladdin crosses paths with the mean wizard Jafar once more. Jafar is also keen on marrying Jasmine, and he will do everything to make Aladdin’s life miserable. But it wouldn’t be a Disney film if everything ends well. And so Aladdin and Jasmine lived happily ever after.Aladdin

If this is not a recipe for success, then I’m very much clueless! Unfortunately, I can’t remember actually seeing the film that day, but I do remember some fragments and that I was very impressed by everything I saw. Those moments I can remember quite well, are all involving the mean wizard Jafar. I was so scared of him that I looked away from the screen to see if my sister and parents thought it was scary as well. But they weren’t scared, it was just me and then Jafar changed in a big snake!… The fun thing was that in those days we had a break. And after the break Pathé Tuschinski thought it was nice to repeat a bit. Which means I had to see some more of the creepy Jafar! But luckily everything ends well and Jafar got defeated. Even though I only can remember fragments, I do know that watching a film in a spectacular theater offers much more than a film night on your own couch.

It’s no surprise that it didn’t take long before the video was ours. And now I also have the dvd in my Disney collection. I’m still a huge fan of this film and not only because it was the first I saw in a theater. The story, the magic and the music makes me so happy. The soundtrack of Aladdin, which is composed by Alan Menken, is one of my favourite Disney songs and I have them on my phone to listen whenever I want. This might be the day I became a true Disney fan but I highly doubt that. Since I love all Disney classics and their music and magic. I just love a good fairytale 🙂 With all these Disney films getting a live-action version, I truly hope Aladdin will get one as well! It’s very much deserved!


One thought on “My very own Cinema Hazing

  1. NIce post! And Aladdin is great. I also remember that I was a small boy, about 8 years old, when I went to see this one in the theaters. I found the big tiger head with a deep dark voice very impressive 😛 This is still one of my favourite movies.

    Also congrats on the new job, very cool! 😉

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