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News: Undercover-Network

This week I started ‘working’ for Undercover-Network, which is a well-known Dutch website related to films, series and games. As a film editor I will write reviews on films and series but also articles about, well, anything! But, and this might be good for my Dutch followers, everything I write will be in Dutch. So that’s a bit of a change for me!

It won’t really affect my own blog. The reviews I will write for Undercover-Network, will also be post here, but of course here it will be in English 😉 I will also put a link to the Dutch review for any of you to read.

My first post is already online and is my review on the first season of How to Get Away with Murder. You can read it by clicking on the link ‘here’.

My second post will be a very interesting one. It’s a new column on the site called “Spinsel”, where every week each editor will write something that has to do with films, series or games. Something that’s been on their mind for a while. I get to write the very first “Spinsel” and I will write about my first theatre experience! Once the article is online, I will also post it somewhere here on my blog. With of course a link to the Dutch version.

It would be nice if my Dutch followers will also join the Undercover-Network community on Twitter and Facebook!

Have a nice read 🙂


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