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Review | Paddington – 2014

The film Paddington is about the adorable bear from Peru is quite sweet and funny and very amusing for young children. The whole storyline is slightly predictable but it’s really funny and the bear looks pretty good among the real people. He also has some incredible facial expressions and manners. He’s more polite than every other person in London. The film shows how Paddington – voiced by Ben Whishaw – ends up in London, finds a place to stay, escapes from the villain and eventually finds a new family.Paddington

The film starts in the lovely jungle of Peru where an explorer from London meets two extraordinary bears: Paddington’s aunt and uncle. It takes a storm for Paddington, who loves marmalade, to finally take this amazing trip to London. Here’s where the fun starts, because Paddington soon realises London is not what it seems. He learned the London’s gestures and is polite but nobody seems to even notice him! I would totally freak out when I’d see a bear on the train station. But all the London folks act like it’s a normal thing.

When finally the family Brown walks along, Mrs. Brown (Sally Hawkins) is very keen on taking him with them. Mr. Brown (Hugh Bonneville) on the other hand – who’s described as a boring and irritating man by his son – is not so happy about a bear in his house and you shortly understand why. Paddy is definitely not used to ‘people things’ which gave me some giggles! Paddington with toothbrushes, the shower, scotch tape. He just doesn’t seem to understand their use which is adorable and very amusing. His his view on Mr and Mr.s brown, their children and Mrs. Bird (Julie Walters) is interesting and very right. The use of the living doll’s house is also very nice. But while Paddington tries to fit in this new family they are still searching for another family. They are in particularly searching for the explorer Montgomery Clyde. But another member of the Clyde family is looking for Paddington but not because she has good intentions.

Against all his negativity towards the bear, Mr Brown decides to help Paddington in his quest to find the explorer. There’s one specific scene with these two which is extremely funny! But when things go bad again, Paddington is forced to continue his quest on his own. Shortly after he meets the ‘big’ villain of the film played by Nicole Kidman. She has a vicious plan but she looks like an amateur with nice gadgets. She has good motives and what awaits her is brilliant. But I didn’t really got the ‘villain’ vibe. Her actions were quite hilarious and not scary, maybe for youngsters..

The things I like most is how Mr. Brown changes his mind completely about Paddington and that he is in fact, part of the Brown family. He also shows he’s more than ‘boring and irritating’. This makes him different from the other family members who are more one dimensional and don’t have any background. However the daughter Judy didn’t like the bear at first because she thought it would make her even more weird. Mrs. Bird is hilarious but besides that and her line about that Paddington might be the best thing ever happened to the family, she doesn’t really add something to the story. But besides all this the film is quite enjoyable, at some points really hilarious and the bear is sweet and looks amazing!


2 thoughts on “Review | Paddington – 2014

  1. Good review. The general reviews have been very enthusiastic, so I’m looking forward to this one. From the trailer, the animation looks stunning.

    1. Thanks! Yes that’s what really surprised me actually. That the bear looks incredibly real

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