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Review | 127 Hours – 2010

127 Hours shows how you should not go on an adventure. When you decide to go on a trip alone and to a place where you don’t have any phone range, let someone know where you’re going and how long you’ll be gone. It can help you save your life. When you’re lost or in this case, trapped in a canyon.

127 Hours tells the true story of a young man who got trapped under a boulder in the remote and deserted canyon somewhere near Moab in Utah. Aron Ralston – extremely well portrayed by James Franco – is a professional mountain climber and adventurer. He goes almost every weekend on a solo trip without letting anyone know where he goes. Along with his equipment Aron’s on his way to a trip that will change his perspective completely.

In the beginning everything is good. He takes preparations for his trip and when he finally arrives at his destination it looks pretty amazing! The film shows us how wonderful that place is – Moab, Utah – and gives a perfect view of a hidden pool! To me it also looks kind of dangerous, since the place looks the same which makes it easy to get lost. But for Aron that’s no problem, it looks like he has been there more than once. But like I said, everything looks fine. The weather is amazing, Aron is in a very good mood and we got to see a very beautiful landscape. Along the way he meets two girls – Kristi (Kate Mara) and Megan (Amber Tamblyn) – who are a bit lost in their quest to find a hidden pool. As the gentleman he is, Aron guides them to it. After one-third of the film, it goes terribly wrong for Aron. This is also the part where James Franco shows his amazing talents.

Aron slips into a deep canyon and his arm got stuck under a builder. He stays surprisingly very calm, I would totally freak out if I got stuck like that and didn’t knew what do to do! Lucky for him he got some ideas, but without water great ideas also dry up.. James Franco did an amazing job in showing different emotions towards the situation. I mentioned before in an other review that I think Franco is better in his more dramatic roles. I like him better anyway. Aron was calm but also terrified and at some points he was really losing his mind. Can you imagine, being stuck for 127 hours and without water and sunlight? Aron’s little ‘show’ was really funny and just like the multiple flashbacks it also shows that he knows he has to change. There’s one moment when his mind is so far away that you might think he made it!  

I thought the ending of the film was very beautiful and emotional. I also liked what the filmmakers did at the end and beginning: the contrast of big events with a lot of people versus the lonesomeness of one man near the Moab canyon. I also like the camera work! How Franco recorded himself in the canyon but also while on his back. The scenes where he made a ‘selfie’ really made me laugh. I mean this film was made in 2010 but the story is from 2003. I’ve said it before: A ‘selfie’ is nothing new! LOL

These kind of films always makes me wonder how I would act and if I had a change of survival? I hope I’ll never have to find that out. And I think the most important lesson you can take from this film, is that you always must tell someone where you’re going. But also to enjoy and never give up!! Leave your thoughts about this film in the comments!


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