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Review | Kingsman: The Secret Service – 2015

The latest film in the category ‘save the world’ is Kingsman: The Secret Service. It’s a comic spy film, which doesn’t need to be taken too seriously. The only serious scene might be the first scene.The film is because of this comic vibe very lightly. Sometimes the ‘fun’ aspect is getting a bit out of control and then you’ll get some ridiculous scenes. Nevertheless, those scenes still made me smile and I know people who would truly laugh out loud! The action part was a bit low – compared to other action films – but those parts looked very well and was well staged. The film didn’t had those unnecessary car chases or explosions you see most of the times in these kind of films, which was a relief. And I really loved Mark Strong, Colin Firth’s and Samuel L. Jackson’s characters. The score and songs used in the film made it even less serious but very much enjoyable! It’s definitely not similar to the more dramatic James Bond films.

The Secret Service KSS_JB_D01_00106.tif Kingsman cast

The film revolves around a spy organization, where the agents call themselves Kingsman. Whenever an agent falls out, the others need to recruit one into the agency’s ultra-competitive training program. After Agent Lancelot’s (Jack Davenport) spectacular scene, Kingsman Harry Hart (Colin Firth) recruits the young and intelligent but troubled boy Eggsy (Taron Egerton). While Eggsy is busy with the training Hart is investigating some mysterious kidnappings, which eventually leads to a global threat. This is were Mr. Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) enters. His clothing, speech and his disgust for violence and blood makes him a very hilarious person. It was more than once that he made the audience laugh! Mr. Valentine is all about saving the planet and he has an amazing plan to do so, which he compares to Noah and his arc.

The boss of the spy organization is Arthur (Michael Caine) and the ICT person is Merlin (Mark Strong). Merlin really is a ‘Robin’ who helps everyone out. During the training but also when it really matters. Maybe a bit odd to say, but I liked him more than Firth’s character. He was also the more serious one. Firth looked pretty well in his suit, he was funny, the fighting scenes looked pretty spectacular and well staged but it was a bit weird to watch. Maybe because I’ve never seen him in these kind of roles. I do really enjoyed Firth in that church scene, but I did have a ‘wtf’ moment and my eyebrows were high  up! What follows should have shocked me, but because of the lack of empathy I had for the character Harry Hart, it didn’t.  I did like what Harry said about being a Kingsman and a gentleman. Traditionally, the Kingsman were all wealthy and went to prestigious schools which made them gentleman. But how Harry said it everybody can be a gentleman and a Kingsman. It shouldn’t matter where you’re born and what school you’re from, it’s all about manners: “Manners maketh man”.

Kingsman Valentine Kingsman Eggsy suited up

Eggsy is not wealthy but he does have a connection with the spy organization. Once he is recruited he is one out of eight (?) who wants to complete the training successfully and become a Kingsman. But first, pick a dog! Oh that dog was so sweet!!!! Sweetest thing of the film! The training consists of some intense missions. The parachute scene was really well done, it brought me to the edge of my seat! Another very exciting scene was, of course, the final one. But is also had my eyebrows back up, since it was hilarious and ridiculous at once! LOL

Taron Egerton was really amazing, especially once he’s suited up with those glasses. Yeah I really hope to see more of him! I also really liked the dynamic between and Mark Strong and his competitor Roxy (Sophie Cookson). Sofia Boutella’s character was a bit meaningless but I did love her fighting skills with her blades!

My last words: Go see this light action spy film with some really hilarious characters, ridiculously funny fighting scenes and a few nerve-racking ones! Afterwards, come back here and let me know your opinion! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Review | Kingsman: The Secret Service – 2015

  1. Great review! Loved this films so much and Taron Egerton impressed me a lot. I hope this gets enough money to get a sequel because I want more!

    1. Ah Thanks! Yes Egerton is a real talent Hope we see him some more! I thought I already read something about a sequel and that Colin Firth could return somehow…

      1. Yeah I hope they don’t do that stupidly if they do make a sequel.

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