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Review | Gone Girl – 2014

Gone Girl is a typical film you need to watch with as less information about the storyline as you can. The only trailer that I saw showed as little as possible, which increased the interest and excitement. Gone Girl is an adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s book of the same name. I haven’t read the book but I think I’ve heard that it’s a little bit different. So in that case I’m really eager on reading the book as well! The film is quite long but I never lost interest. It’s at sometimes pretty shocking and disturbing too. The actors, especially Rosamund Pike, did all an amazing job in keeping me interested and guessing.

So in short the film is about a married couple Amy and Nick Dunne, played by Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck. On their fifth anniversary Amy goes missing and Nick doesn’t hesitate. He calls the police and under the leadership of Detective Ronday Boney (Kim Dickens) they start the investigation, who keeps really professional at all teams. It only takes a few hours before the investigation turns into a media circus, where the press turn against the ‘loving’ husband Nick. This is in fact everything you need to know about the film and also what is shown in the first trailer. I will do my best do give as less spoilers, because the less you know the better!

The first sentence of the film was a bit disturbing one and already puts the viewer in a direction. The first part of the film we only see Nick in the present time and we hear Amy’s voice. Which is not really creepy but it keeps echoing in your mind like it’s haunting you. When I was lying in bed after watching, I still heard her voice… Ben Affleck did a great job playing the husband. He shows pain and suffering but at the same time you don’t know if he’s just playing an act. At some point everything looks like he did something bad. But you keep on guessing what happened? Who did what and especially why? This really keeps you interested and exciting. Since the film is 2 hours and 20 minutes long, this a really important task for the writers and directors: Keeping the audience stay putt till the end credits.Gone Girl Amy Dunne (Pike)

And it did. I like to see this as film with two parts. The first one keeps you guessing and when the second part start you know: BAM! That was not something I had thought about! This part is weird, amazingly played by Rosamund Pike and really disturbed! No wonder Pike is nominated for an Oscar. A shame though the film itself is not nominated. I thought it was really good in a disturbed and original way. It’s not a typical film about a search for a missing person, it’s so much more. I also thought Nick’s sister Margo (Carrie Coon) did a good job at playing the sister who believes her brother unconditionally but even gets lost underway. If I really have to say something bad about the film, is Affleck’s monotonous and expressionless face. Or maybe he did this for his role to look like the indifferent husband who doesn’t care. It’s also interesting to see that the press can be so easily put in a certain direction and afterward change their view 360 degrees.

I really liked the ending as well. It was not that abrupt as you may thought it would be, since that’s the common case. It’s sort of an open ending and I really would like to get a sequel with Detective Rhonda Boney!


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