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Review | Dracula Untold – 2014

After seeing Luke Evans in the first trailer of Dracula Untold I was already interested! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a film about Dracula so I thought this one should be interesting! My brother thought the film was totally awesome, a bit dark though but that fits the film he said.I thought the film was awesome as well but in my opinion the film was overall way too dark! The special effects looked nice, especially when Evan’s character transforms into bats and fights the enemy.


So in short, Luke Evans is Prince Vlad (The Impaler) of Transylvania and has a very troubled past. The Turkish demands every now and then young boys to join their army without any contradiction. When Vlad was a boy he was also sent to fight with the Turks but by becoming a Prince he makes sure this won’t happen again. His denial to send 1000 boys causes a war he can only win by becoming someone else or something else. See what I just did there? Arrow….. 😀

The film was a bit rushed though, which shouldn’t have since the film was only 92 minutes long! They could easily have expanded it with 30 minutes?  I thought the storyline about the ‘Master Vampire’ (Charles Dance) could have been explained better and more like he was the  mysterious creature hiding in the mountains for the people in the Kingdom. Now it was like he’s just there and nobody really cares or knows about him. The intro was interesting but I wasn’t sure who they were talking about in the beginning. I feel like they should have shown better how it was like for young Prince Vlad in the Turks army and what awful things he had to do. Maybe in some sort of dream in fear for his son’s future. Interesting fact, the son Ingeras is played by Game of Thrones star Art Parkinson.The bad guy of the film was the leader of the Turks: Sultan Mehmed. I was very pleased to see that he was portrayed by Dominic Cooper! Amazing actor I think!.

We all know who, or better, what Vlad needs to become in order to obtain the power needed to protect his own family, and the families of his kingdom; a vampire. Vlad makes a pact with Master Vampire, who’s for some reason stuck inside the mountain, so he’ll become a vampire for three days. After these three days and if he hasn’t feed himself with human blood, he becomes a normal human again. As a fan of vampire films and tv-series it’s always interesting to see which quality and curses the makers give to them. For example the curse of the sun. In the famous Twilight films they light up as diamonds and in The Vampire Diaries they burn. In Dracula Untold they’ll burn as well but in a different and more spectacular way. In this film silver is also a curse, which makes them slower and weaker the more they are in its present. Dracula untold luke evans

One very sad thing was the sacrifice of Vlad’s wife Mirena (Sarah Gadon). But to make sure their son Ingeras is safe, it was a necessary thing to do. When Ingeras is finally save and the new Prince, he says something very interesting which leads to an even more interesting ending! Do we even know about a sequel?? Charles Dance’s character makes us believe a sequel could happen: “Let the games begin” were his final words.

What do you guys think? Does this film needs a sequel or is it better to leave this film alone? One thing I still don’t understand is where the name Dracula came from?  Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


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