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Review | A Million Ways to Die in the West – 2014

The film A Million Ways to Die in the West is a perfect example for a film you must see without having seen any trailers. This is not the fault of the film but of the people who made the trailer. Seriously all the funny jokes and scenes from the film were in the trailer! Seeing the trailer almost means you have seen the entire film! The jokes which were not in the trailer were mostly not that funny, sexist or slightly racist. Like this one: “Your eyes are not big, they’re practical Chinese.” That’s kind of rude right? Or maybe I just had a bad day, since my brother and dad thought the whole film was hilarious! LOL. It’s just the trailer really made me laugh out loud so seeing the film was quite a disappointment. It was not that bad but it could have been better.


The lead character in this western comedy is Albert, who’s played by Seth MacFarlane – the one who brought us Ted. Well that makes sense, since I also didn’t understand the hype of that movie. Anyway, Albert is kind of a loser and a (bad) sheep farmer. He’s always complaining about the place he lives in and how people die at random places and occasions. “People die at the fair.” Watch the trailer and you’ll see how people die in the west. Seriously, you don’t need to see the film to find this out.

But the main thing of the film is Albert turning into a ‘badass’. After his girlfriend Louise (Amanda Seyfried) dumps him, he challenges her new lover Foy (Neil Patrick Harris) for a gunfight. New girl in town Anna (Charlize Theron) helps him with his shooting abilities but in the meantime they fall for each other. What Anna didn’t mention, is that she is someone else’s wife. This other man, Clinch (Liam Neeson) is the most vicious men they know and a terrific gunfighter. So another men Albert wants to deal with. But a night with some Indians and drug will definitely help him! That was my favourite part of the film!

Film Review A Million Ways to Die in the West

I would say enough to make an interesting and funny film. And it might be if you don’t have any idea what the film is about. The characters are not interesting but they are quite amusing. Like the virgin friend of Albert, Edward (Giovanni Ribisi), who’s together with this lovely woman, Ruth (Sarah Silverman) who also happened to be a prostitute. Wow, that’s so funny. Neeson plays a very credible villain, I only thought and hoped he played a bigger part. The surroundings looked nice and very believable for a 1882 western setting, I think. But what was that with Jamie Foxx’ ‘Django’ popping up at the end?

So, the best way to watch this film? With alcohol and don’t watch any trailers! However the fans of Ted will probably enjoy it very much! 🙂


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