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Review | The NeverEnding Story – 1984

I remember seeing The NeverEnding Story when I was a young girl and thought it was a long but amazing film! When I saw it last night I didn’t see any of that magic I remember seeing when I was a child. It mostly looked ridiculous and not only because of the dated quality. Sure, films these days look better due to improved technology, but I think this is a film for children. Once you’re an adult the film has lost its magic, as opposed to the Disney films. Those films still have that spark which attract adults. Moral of the story? Never stop dreaming and believing in miracles. And be confident, otherwise you can’t pass the sphinx! LOLIn short, the film is about a little boy, Bastian (Barret Oliver) who finds a mysterious book. Once he starts reading, he dives into this world called “Fantasy”. Fantasy and its inhabitants, which are some intriguing creatures, are haunted by a terrible thing called “The Nothing”. The Nothing is actual the lack of imaginations and dreams of the humans and it swallows everything on its path. Bastian, the reader of the book, is the only one who can save Fantasy with the help of his imagination.

I’ve seen this film a few times as a child and I remembered a few things. The flying dog / dragon looking thing, the rock eater, the big turtle, those weird yellow sphinx and the horse dying in the mud. I remember that was one emotional part of the film! Now as a 25-year-old, the horse dying didn’t affect me at all. There’s no build up it just happens shortly after Atreyu (Noah Hathaway), who yells too much, goes on his quest. There’s no real build up for any of the characters. They appear and disappears so quickly, you can’t bond with most of the characters. The scenes with the flying dog / dragon, Falcor, also lost its magic. It looked pretty bad sometimes but I shall not dwell on that too much since the technology has improved so much since then. However, the last scene when Bastian is riding Falcor over the Fantasy was awesome and the palace is astonishing! But the most magical thing of the movie is the soundtrack. That song is still really amazing.

Do you also think that this film is less interesting for adults like I mentioned? I also wonder what todays kids think of this movie. Does any of my readers have or know children who have seen this The NeverEnding Story? Let me know what they thought about in the comments.

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