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Review | I Am Number Four – 2011

In the (soft) science fiction / teen film I am Number Four, aliens live among us on Earth. Besides their superpowers, the good ones look exactly like the people on Earth but the alien villains not. This is a thing which always amazes me. Why is the hero of the aliens always gorgeous looking and is the villain a freaky dude with a scary teeth? Anyway, the hunky alien in this film is Alex Pettyfer who has much better looks than acting skills. Seriously he should take some acting classes, he is so monotonous.i-am-number-fourPettyfer, John Smith / Four, and his guardian Henri (Timothy Olyphant) have to move places very often since they’re chased by those freaky looking aliens, the Mogadorians, who are weirdly funny sometimes. The film gave a great explanation about Four but I don’t recall who those Mogadorians exactly are. Most important fact, they want nine aliens dead who have an important task for their home planet. John Smith is number 4 and the next one on the list. I think it’s a shame we only Six (Teresa Palmer) a few times since she is the most awesome character.

When John and Henri arrive at a new place, John also has to deal with the new people at school: Sam, a geeky nerd (Callan McAuliffe), some jealous bullies who plays Football and cheerleader Sarah (Dianna Agron). This part of ‘cliché highschool drama’ overshadows the fact that Four is an alien who needs to face the enemy and make contact with his fellow aliens. In stead he bonds with Sarah and Sam and we never see him actual learn how to handle himself or train to get better and stronger. The characters are not really interesting and have little depth. I do wonder what happened with Sam’s father who was on to something. Like I mentioned before, Six is the most awesome character. She is fierce and a great fighter who know what to do, as opposed to 4. The final battle between the villains and Four and Six is epic though! The villains also have gigantic, vicious dogs on their team which makes it kind of interesting. Oh yeah one final thing I’d like to add: The lizard – dog – super dog was adorable!

I-Am-Number-Four- villain I AM NUMBER FOUR

There are things that still needs an explanation, like what is that damn box and why should they be eliminated in that order? The end is an ‘open-end’ since Four, Six and Sam are starting a quest to find the others. This could lead to a sequel and maybe the sequel could clear some things up. I watched this film without any prior knowledge, haven’t read any books or saw trailers.


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