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Review | Breaking Bad – Complete series

In my first post about the phenomenal tv-series Breaking Bad, I had only watched four episodes of the first season. Back then I couldn’t understand how this show got five seasons at all! It was at some points boring with those long dialogues, which keeps you wondering: “Is this going somewhere?”

But now I’ve seen all the episodes of Breaking Bad, I’m really glad I kept on watching. The series is so detailed and exciting! Some scenes are so intense and have an amazing build up, sometimes a bit long, which get you truly ‘sucked’ into the story. Like the scene involving the train heist is really exciting to watch. An other really good aspect is the preview almost every season starts with and shows the actual end of the season. This keeps you guessing what will happen next and sometimes it was really weird like: “What did I just see? What does it mean?” Remember the pink bear in the pool who kept coming back?

The actors are also amazing and I had very strong emotions towards almost everyone. The stars who made this show a succes are in my opinion: Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris and Bob Odenkirk. No wonder they got so many awards!

In the beginning of the show I really felt bad for Walter having lung cancer and two jobs he didn’t really liked. However, the lung cancer story fades into the background from the moment his work as a meth producer became his life mission. This is also the moment when I got less and less sympathy for him. Of course, his meth business only started because he needed the money so he could take care of his family after he died, but he continued because he liked it! In the end he actually says he didn’t do it anymore for his family, but he did it because he liked it and was good in it. “I’m the one who knocks. I’m the danger!” I also thought Walter was truly badass in the beginning. Sure he was already manipulating people and didn’t have any problem with killing people who are in his way. remember Emilio and Crazy 8? But from the moment Jesse and Walter starts working for Gustavo Fringe, the drug business really starts getting serious and more dangerous. From this moment Walter’s brother in-law, Hank who’s working for the DEA, is becoming obsessed with finding the famous Heisenberg who makes this popular blue meth.

Fringe was a sneaky bastard. He looks like a really friendly guy but in the meantime he’s a cold criminal. However, also he has been through something horrible in his past and therefore you can somewhat sympathize with him. I did like his bodyguard Mike though, how he really cared for Jesse and saw some potential in him. It’s a shame how his life ended.. The person who brought Walter and Jesse to Fringe is thé lawyer for criminals, Saul Goodman: “You better call Saul!” 🙂 Saul is a very amusing character and adds a tiny bit of humor to the show. He has an interesting perspective on things which is funny and he’s also ver sharp with his comments. Saul helps Walter and Jesse more than once and has very interesting methods but also he has his limits.

breaking bad gustavo-fring Breaking Bad Mike Breaking Bad Saul Goodman

Talking about Jesse, during the series he gets more and more issues with the things he sees and does. Everytime I saw Jesse having a hard time I really wanted to hug him! I think he’s the biggest victim in this show. His parents didn’t want him because of his drug use, Walter manipulates him more than once and really is a jerk most of time towards Jesse, his girlfriend’s death, the hospitalization of a little boy, the violent deaths of other drug dealers and later his captivity. Oh man, I felt so bad for him.. And Walter, I really hate that guy! He really is a genius for all those plans he made, but he doesn’t care about who he hurts in the process. He’s manipulative and he drove me crazy to the point I was swearing to the television!! I think I hate him more than I hate that scum Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) from Game of Thrones!

Jesse final scene Jesse Kills Gale

The end of the show was slightly disappointed to me. I think they put too much in this final episode and I really hoped to see some other things too. I mean where’s the money? What about Skyler’s life, is she about to end up as an accessory? And Jesse, the last thing we see is him driving off very dangerously. And Hank and Gomez should have gotten a better ending.


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