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Review | The Purge – 2013

The Purge is the first film in the franchise with The Purge: Anarchy from 2014 and an untitled film coming up next year. But after seeing this film, I’m not really bothered to see the sequels. The Purge might have an interesting and original plot, disgusting though, but it’s mostly predictable and too cliché.

Every year there’s this night, called The Purge. During this night, 12 hours, every crime is legal including murder. This event is brought to life to clear the society from the sick, homeless, poor and weak. While the wealthy ones stay alive and bring up the economy. I think this film is too much of a cliché because the leading family Sandin is white, very rich and in the end they come to the conclusion that the Purge is a ridiculous event. And the only poor person, who needs to die according to some rich blokes, is black. The masks they’re wearing though are really freaky. Really good for Halloween! 😉The Purge masks

The family Sandin, James (Ethan Hawke), Mary (Lena Heady), Charlie (Max Burkholder) and Zoey (Adelaide Kane), lives in a very large house which is completely equipped with the best security system. In the beginning of the film and before the ‘lock down’, we get to meet the neighbour and the daughter’s boyfriend Henry (Tony Oller). Henry’s part in the film was quite predictable in my opinion. I knew exactly what his plan was the minute he re-entered the Sandin’s house. While in ‘lock down’ Charlie, who reminded me of Wednesday from The Adams Family, is the first one to notice a guy being chased and what Charlie does next will cost a lot of trouble! Now the family has to decide whose life is more important: theirs or the life of the guy they don’t even know. Well if it was up to me, I would should the unknown guy, hand him over so I could protect my family. Nothing personal but isn’t that what everyone would do? I think, but I could be wrong, that in case of an emergency your survival instinct takes hand over moral thoughts. But not in this film and of course what the family does is the right thing to do perhaps.

The Purge Zoey The Purge sandin family

In the end you’ll think help comes from unexpected places. You’re right but also wrong, it’s an unexpected turn of events. This plot twist was in my opinion the best thing in the film. The acting was not bad but the story was just lame. One thing I thought was very amusing was the announcement of the Purge and in particularly what they say about guns. It’s illegal to use weapons above level four. Well I don’t know what that means but if you have that kind of weapon who will call the police for it!? No one, since they’re off duty for 12 hours!! 😀 So what’s the need of saying this?

My final word: I don’t think it was that bad but the story is just so ridiculous and not trustworthy. I mean who in their right mind will come up an event as The Purge with th goal to eradication the poor and sick people?! Ughh. And otherwise, I would find myself another place to live! For those of you who did like it or thought it was good/ interesting, how did you feel about this film and is the sequel worth watching? Let me know in the comments! 😉 I would like to see how it is after the Purge. I don’t believe that after 12 hours of killing and what else, people wouldn’t be differently.


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