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Review | Hart of Dixie – Season 3

Like I mentioned in my review on the first two seasons of Hart of Dixie, season three started a bit dull.

“The third season started a bit dull with two new characters, of which one already left. The other one, Joel (Josh Cooke), is not a man of my taste. And not long ago another woman shows up! ARGHHH. I think the show must bring the projects of the Bells back and should focus a bit more on the medical practice. My first thought of this season’s first episode was: “Zoe Hart, you’re a mean b#tch!” She was supposed to come back after three months and not five! Poor Wade.”

Hart of Dixie s3

When I decided to stop watching online and start watching on the Dutch television again, they just started with season three. The first part – before the hiatus – I had already seen, and seeing that again it was more irritating than before. The main reason is Zoe’s (Rachel Bilson) character and the new characters. Zoe’s lack of medical care and her behavior regarding Wade (Wilson Bethel) and their past is silly. She is also acting a bit odd to George (Scott Porter). Speaking of George, I thought it was a shame that he and Tansy (Mircea Monroe) broke up. What I also didn’t like was the new relationship between Wade and Zoe’s newfound cousin Vivian (Lauren Bittner). It’s nice to see Wade happy with someone, he deserves it, but Vivian and Wade just don’t fit together. Not to mention her child… It also turned out that Vivian is a mean woman for dumping Wade like she did!

I just mentioned I didn’t like Joel. Nor his character nor that he is with Zoe. In the end however I started to like him and I felt so sad for Zoe when things got bad for them. Their break up was a beautiful but sad thing. I liked the fact that their break up was not because of a fight or something standard, but because of a career opportunity for Joel. It was also nice to him back in the final episode.

George and Lemon (Jaime King) is also a funny story. They first opened a restaurant together but their definitely not friends, yet. It doesn’t take long for things started to change between them and the last episode shows some light on George’s feelings. It was a good things for the show that Lemon returned. Because of her real life pregnancy she missed a couple of episodes. Which was not entirely a good thing for the show. I really missed Lemon’s character during those episodes and when she returns everything started to get better. As for Lemon’s best friend Annabeth (Kaitlyn Black), she had a hard time this season. Her relationship with Lavon (Cress Williams) didn’t get any further and he is, according to the last episode, still in love with someone else! Ouch! But luckily the realtionship between Wanda (Mallory Moye) and Tom (Ross Philips) is as sweet as candy! 🙂

So at the start of season four, everyone is single once again! Shall they find love, new or old? There’s only one way to find out!! 😀 What’s your opinion about the third season of Hart of Dixie? Let me know in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Review | Hart of Dixie – Season 3

  1. I hate Zoe, she’s not really a doctor, she’s always doing something that has got nothing to do with her profession as a doctor. I never saw her doing something that’s connected with her as a doctor. Meddling with the life of a 14 years old (Rosie)? what’s that? Now even her voice irrate me. I regret that I start watching Dixie Hart. What a stupid show.

    1. True. I think that in season one we do see more of her being a doctor but season 3 is more like she isn’t a doctor at all! And indeed just meddling with others’ life. And she does irritates me as well 😉

      1. Maybe because I’m a kind of straight saying what I’m thinking. I dont like that tap dancing around the subject. Just say what’s on your mind and be done with it. Some of my friends they would tell me everything what’s bothering them, and usually I would gave them advice to just tlak to the person that bothers them so much. What’s the use of talking to me for, because I wont be a go between. Well, I can’t stand it. In the beginning I thought it was a serious kind of story line, but now I’s more kind of comedy. If you like this show, enjoy it. I’m not, so I wont follow season 4.

  2. Oh and, she’s more busy with her love life than her carrier as a doctor. She didn’t honor her birth father doing so.

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