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Review | Rear Window – 1954

Alfred Hitchcock’s film Read Window could definitely have been an inspiration source for the makers of Disturbia. But ten times better and without the irritating Shia Labeouf. In short: both films are about a man/boy who are bound to their homes and because of boredom they start ‘spying’ on their neighbours and think they witness a murder.

In the case of Rear Window the main character Jeff (James Stewart) is a photographer who is bound to his apartment because of a broken leg. The only two persons who visits him regularly are his girlfriend Lisa, played by the always good-looking Grace Kelly and his nurse Stella (Thelma Ritter). Out of boredom he starts observing his neighbours and he definitely enjoys telling Lisa and Stella all  about it. When he is convinced one of his neighbours has committed murder, he includes both Lisa and Stella in his theory. At first they don’t believe anything he says but that will change soon and they start investigating. They also get some help from Jeff’s friend Doyle (Wendell Corey) who’s a detective. rear-window jeff, stella, lisaThe way Jeff tells Lisa and Stella about his neighbour’s lives and activities and how he talks about them to himself, is quite amusing. He has a good view on everybody from his apartment and he invents whole life stories. The whole investigation part is something which keeps you interested. The viewer knows nothing more than Jeff sees: What he see, we see. Lisa, who is a high society fashion-consultant, provides us with some interesting theories too. She’s also very funny with her answers sometimes:

Jeff: “Why would a man leave his apartment three times on a rainy night with a suitcase and come back three times? – Lisa: “He likes the way his wife welcomes him home.”

rear-window15.jpg lisaIt also was very funny to see Lisa on her investigation quest: climbing over fences and through shrubs in her georgious and expensive dress. Besides this murder investigation, the characters Jeff, Lisa and Stella are all quite interesting. All three made some very funny comments. To each other and about the neighbours. The conversations between Jeff and his nurse Stella are every time interesting, funny, witty and even awkward. Stella can be really harsh sometimes which leaves Lisa surprised or in disgust. You can find some very nice quotes ‘here’.

I really liked this film and that’s mostly because of the characters. They keep it fun and interesting and because of the different characters they have, it’s very amusing.


5 thoughts on “Review | Rear Window – 1954

    1. Thanks! Yes indeed and I really love that kind of humor. Just like in “Dial M for Murder”. There is that police oficer who is really amusing. Seen that film?

    1. Yeah it was the plan to review Vertigo but I was so busy and now I have to see the film again! 😰 will put Stranger on a Train on my to watch list 🙂

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